Getting out of our comfort zone happens in so many different ways. Usually, we think about getting out of our comfort zones as an emotional thing; pushing our barriers of where we feel comfortable in our guts.
But sometimes physical issues can push us out of our comfort zones too. Five and a half weeks ago, I broke my foot so I haven’t been able to enjoy my regular walks. Today is the first day that I’m walking properly, carefully, but without limping, without a walking boot. And that definitely has put me out of my comfort zone! Or if you’re physically ill, if you have COVID that puts you out of your comfort zone. Also, think about bodybuilders – it’s got to be hard. And then they have a physical transformation. Or when fasting, for example, your body goes through another physical transformation.
When your body goes through a transformation, you’re generally out of your comfort zone. It’s what you do with that time of being out of your comfort zone that makes all the difference in how you’re going to come out of that time, and how you’re going to feel in yourself while you’re experiencing the process.
You can have resistance all the way through and make it much harder for yourself. You can judge yourself about all of the things that you’re not doing, all of the things that you wish you’d do better.
Or you could just go with the flow and also not judge yourself for taking a day off or taking some time to nurture yourself. Whatever you’re doing, it is with joy and free from judgment so you can go with the flow of life peacefully.
Use the time of being out of your comfort zone to make the most of it and see what kind of new perspectives you can get because that’s the whole idea! Get out of your comfort zone, and see what kind of reframe you have.
That’s why travelling, in my humble opinion, is one of the most wonderful ways to get out of our comfort zones because every experience, even the most simple things like going to the grocery store become an adventure and excitement wondering what’s in each package.
You can make an adventure out of the smallest things, but often life throws curveballs at us and we are out of our comfort zone. So I think putting yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis helps you expand and deal with life’s curveballs much more easily.
When we do personal work, spiritual work to go within ourselves to investigate why we react the way we do to the emotional triggers around us qualifies as putting ourselves outside of our comfort zone.
But during that process of self-examining, guess what? Our vibration changes so much and that expansion happens. And then next thing we know, we’re seeing things from a completely different perspective in a relatively short period of time.
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