Resistance IS Being In The Fight

I’m always saying, “Get out of the fight! Stop inviting the fight!” Well, here we are in December already and people are starting to resist the materialism of Christmas and the run up to all the holidays so people kind of choose Scrooge.

They decide to be bummed out because this time of year annoys them, the weather is terrible, and everybody’s got this big hype going on and there are so many obligations to fulfil. Okay, perhaps that is true. But when you’re feeling the resistance of something that happens every single year, that’s choosing to be in the fight!

Think back to the time when you were little when you actually enjoyed it, or when your kids were little, and it was joyous because you saw your kids having so much fun. You don’t need to get involved in the hype. You don’t need to focus on all of the materialism or on any of the parts about the holiday season that you don’t like.

You can change your perspective to focus on the parts of this year that bring a smile to your face. It’s not like it’s out of the blue or a big surprise, this season happens every year. Consciously choose to focus on the parts that uplift you.

Because when we’re in that place of resistance, we’re still in the fight. So maybe you don’t like the holiday season. Maybe you don’t like any of it, but you also don’t need to be grumpy about it. Find some aspect of it that you do enjoy. Isn’t it lovely when you gift someone to see their appreciation in receiving it? Isn’t it wonderful to spend time with loved ones and to have fun and create joy?

Every Christmas we always exchange some kind of gag gifts simply to create laughter. They serve no purpose except to create laughter. And it’s really fun.

For the first time in many, many years I got to celebrate Christmas in the States early with my father and sister. She even brought a small tree, and we decorated it and exchanged thoughtful things that we thought the other people would like, and funny things that made everybody laugh and we had a lovely, joyous celebration.

If you do Christmas or Hanukkah in a big way, just because you think that it’s a lot of work and stress, know that you can have your holiday celebrations be as chilled out as you like. You create your reality.

When our kids were little, we had a rule of no major cooking on the day because we didn’t want to spend the entire day cooking and not enjoying the celebration. So, we keep it really simple and this year because we have extended family coming and there’s more of us, we’ve decided that we’re going to have food delivered which is much easier so that we don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen working.

Make your holiday experience work for you so you can find the joy in this season. Last year one of my sons decided that he didn’t want to feed the global materialism and he bought all vintage and preloved things so that he was keeping the currency in flow, but not creating any more stuff coming into the universe. I thought that was a really cool thing to do because he found a way to take part that worked with his philosophy in the world so that he wasn’t going against who he’s become as a person.

There are ways to think out of the box to make this time work for you. Years ago, instead of giving each other things, my best friend and I started gifting each other experiences so that we could go to the ballet together for example. One year on my birthday I think, she took us to a German Wheeling course, like they do in Cirque du Soleil! It was really fun and an absolutely hilarious day out.

So, get creative. Find a joyous way to get through this holiday season if it’s usually something stressful for you. Change your perspective, get creative. Think out of the box so that you can get out of your place of resistance about it because that is energetically staying in that fight. Look for the joy in giving. Maybe now’s the time of year to donate to a charity you appreciate.

Appreciate whatever you can, even if it’s funny or strange. Tune in to whatever you need to make jolly this holiday season so that you can get out of the resistance. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune. Anyway, I think personal meaningful gifts are much more important. So, get out your macaroni and start making some wonderful pencil holders just like you did when you were a little kid and spray paint them. I think my sister and I even did that for my father when we were in university. We made macaroni containers for him just for a laugh. I asked him the other night and he said he still has them! So, choose to change your perspective and have fun this holiday season because it’s not going away and it will come back next year and the year after that. Get out of the Scrooge and get into the joy. It’s a choice. You have a choice.

And if you keep forgetting that you have a choice about things, please book a mind shift call with me so that you can learn how you have a choice in absolutely every situation, even when you feel completely trapped. I used to feel trapped all of the time, never about Christmas, but I used to feel trapped about lots of other things feeling like I didn’t have a choice. Just because our choices aren’t always easy, we still always have a choice.

Are you consciously choosing or responding to obligation? You also have a choice as to how you think about things! Let’s have a chat so I can help you change your perspective and lift up your energy so that you can enjoy this time of the year instead of spiraling down.

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