Let Father Sky Parent You

Recently in one of my online classes of From Fear Into Love, we were talking about how we don’t always get our parenting from our actual mother and father but sometimes from different people that we meet. Maybe from our brothers or sisters, or our grandparents, or even our own children or other children that we may meet a long the way.

My friend and one of my coaches Kay de Vallecito was telling us a wonderful story about how she and our friend Cristian, and his younger brother, Juan Carlos were hiking up a mountain in Ollantaytambo in Peru, in the dark.

They were hiking in the dark, because Cristian was looking for a special plant that only blooms in moonlight. As they got higher and higher it got harder to navigate. His younger brother was getting a little bit tired and worried so Kay suggested they sit down and let Cristian continue on his own, to go find whatever he needed.

So Kay and Juan Carlos sat on the mountain in the dark, waiting and talking about life and stuff. But it was taking Cristian a long while to come back. Juan Carlos started to get concerned for his older brother.

Kay said, “Well, you’re holding on to Cristians flute. Why don’t we play the flute and entertain ourselves while he’s taking his time?”

So Juan Carlos tried to play the flute but couldn’t really make any beautiful music come out of it. He passed the flute to Kay and said, “Here, you try Kay!”

Kay tried to play the flute but she also couldn’t make it sing the way she wanted to hear it happen. She said to Juan Carlos, “Well, why don’t you try again? Why don’t you concentrate and center yourself and then then give it another go. I’m sure that you can do this.”

So the young boy, looks up to the night sky and is quiet. He takes a moment. He closes his eyes. He holds his heart and then he picks up the flute and plays beautiful music out of it. Kay of course is sitting there revelling in the enchantment of the sound coming out of the flute and in the magical moment of this little boy suddenly playing the flute so beautifully when only moments before he couldn’t.

Then he finishes, very proud of himself. Kay asks him, “Juan Carlos, what changed? What did you do differently? What did you concentrate on?

And he replied, “I just thought of the most beautiful thing in the world and I brought that feeling and thought down into my heart. And then it spilled out into the flute.”

“What was the most beautiful thing in the world?” Kay asked him.

And he looked up to the sky and said, “The moon of course.”

I love that story because it shows so many things. First of all, that we can get wisdom and parenting from an eight year old boy sitting next to us on a mountain in the dark. He can be the greatest teacher, the best father.

Also that it’s a great reminder that when we’re frustrated or in a place of resistance, feeling upset, or angry and just stop and center ourselves and focus on something beautiful, we can easily change our energy in one moment.

And there’s nature and the elements all around us; the earth, the moon, the sky, the stars, the sun, there’s so many gorgeous things that are God given that we have around us all the time – trees, plants, flowers.… Focus on something that’s beautiful, something that really does it for you and bring that vision and energy right down into your heart.

Then that beautiful love energy is what you’re going to give out. So much so, that it could come out of a flute by simply focussing, allowing and trusting!

So often during the holiday season people get very stressed about so many different things, or at work everyday, or commuting, stress, stress, stress. How would it be if you just stopped?

Just stop and look up at the beautiful sky and bring that energy down into your heart and send that feeling out instead?

Before you talk to people, before you need to have a challenging phone call, stop for a moment, center yourself and let the earth, moon, stars, sun and sky parent you. Let them give you their wisdom and love and bring that into your heart so that you can give that energy out to whoever you’re talking to.

And watch how your holiday season flows much more easily this time around.

The next run of From Fear Into Love is coming up in March 2023. If you’d love to find your authentic self and learn and understand what your personal sovereignty is about at the deepest level, then I’d love to have a conversation with you because this course will shift you unlike any other.

I’ve been working with top level coaches this last run of my course and it’s been so amazing and wonderful to see how even they are shifting in ways that they never saw coming.

My greatest joy is helping everybody to reach their highest and best potential. So whatever you need to let go of, shift or change, there’s a place and an opportunity coming for you right now to dive into your deepest and highest and best knowing so that you can have the best year ahead for you always.

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