Make A Commitment To Yourself Now For Immediate Uplift

The wonderful thing about the end of the year is that it’s time to let go of all of the old and start fresh for the new year. 

That’s why when the new year comes people make all these ridiculous resolutions. Well, I’m encouraging you not to do that. I’m inviting you to make a commitment to yourself right now. 

Because the minute you make a decision, all of the work starts and the release happens. The joy floods in, along with hope, feeling inspired, excitement… all of that starts to activate in your energy field the moment that you commit to yourself and make a decision. 

I’ve already committed to three things next year beyond my work and the things that I normally do. Last night, one of my closest friends came over and she was feeling down and struggling and asked me about From Fear Into Love, and she said, “It’s time. I’m finally ready to do it!” and she made a commitment to herself to join my course that starts on March 21st. 

There will be an introduction call the Tuesday before that on March 13th, so that we can all meet each other and you can get the coursework. But Tuesday, March 21st is the first mandatory coaching call. 

From Fear Into Love is a 12 week life changing course to help you really dive in deep and find out your true authenticity. Heal your relationships and strengthen your ability to communicate with everyone with clarity and understanding. Find out what’s missing in your life, even if you’re already a highly evolved coach. You will shift in week one, I can promise you that. And by the end you will love yourself more than ever before!

I’ve had the most developed students in this past run of the course and it’s been magnificently satisfying to see how everybody’s expanding and taking themselves to the next level. 

The moment my friend decided to sign up for March, she immediately felt a huge release as well as excited and a little bit nervous (because you want that feeling too!) and she felt filled with hope. Then suddenly all of her struggling and down, bummed out energy shifted in that moment because she made the commitment.

After she left I thought, “yeah, that is right.” And I was being offered a huge discount on a retreat to Egypt that I want to do in the end of next year. It’s not until November. But it’s something that’s been calling out to me and I thought, “yes, I’m going to do it!” So I signed up, and then I was so excited because this is something that I’ve wanted to do and I committed to myself. And because it’s a whole year away, I can really save up for that and make that work for me. 

So this is what I’m encouraging all of you to do now: make a commitment to yourself. I’m taking registrations for From Fear Into Love now. And if you commit by January 6th, (so I’m even letting it go into the new year) with a $250 deposit (only half of the deposit I normally require) I will knock that other $250 off of the overall price for you! 

So I really look forward to hearing from you. Book a mind shift call with me and let’s have a talk about how you can make next year the very best year of your life and stay out of resolutions.  Go into commitment, you’re worth it right now.

My greatest joy is helping everybody to reach their highest and best potential. So whatever you need to let go of, shift or change, there’s a place and an opportunity coming for you right now to dive into your deepest and highest and best knowing so that you can have the best year ahead for you always.

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