Discover Your Emotionally Latent Skill Sets

I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah happy whatever tradition it is that you celebrate, or don’t celebrate. Whatever you were doing, or not doing over this holiday time, I hope that you did it with joy and love in your heart because that is the purpose of everything. 

I was having a conversation with my friend and we were talking about hidden skill sets – latent skill sets. The word latent means not yet developed, existing, but not yet manifest. Maybe it’s hidden or concealed. 

But actually, our emotionally latent skill sets are things that we do that we’re taking for granted and don’t even acknowledge in ourselves or realise that it is a skill set because it’s just part of our personality. It’s just what we do. 

My friend is an amazing networker. Honestly, she can go anywhere and create a community in a matter of weeks because she talks to everybody who lives all around her and gets everybody else talking to everybody. She doesn’t even think about it.  I don’t do that!  To me, that’s a real skill set. 

Some people have told me that I have the gift of the gab because I can talk about pretty much anything at the drop of a hat. I don’t think of that as a skill set, yet I do remember that I had an uncomfortable learning curve with doing Facebook Lives every week. But now it’s normal.

We all have amazing skill sets, whatever it is that you’re doing. Maybe you’re a highly organised person and you want to have all of your books alphabetized, or you want to have all of your tools in the garage or in your workroom itemised by the size of the longest nails down to the smallest tack. My mother was a bit like that.  People who are not organised see the skill set of people who are super organised.

So what is it that you’ve got in you and about you? Are you really good with words? Can you swiftly write anything in one inspired moment? Are you a poet because you hear yourself composing your words, or making them rhyme? Art might be your hobby; you might just be dabbling in painting, but maybe there’s a real skill set there. Maybe you could explore painting a mural on a wall? My mother used to do that when we were little kids. She painted murals on our bedroom walls. She didn’t know that she could do that, but she figured if she could paint a canvas, she could paint a mural. Soon all of her friends were hiring her to paint murals on their children’s walls as well. 

So many people walk around not knowing what they want to do with their lives, thinking they’re not gifted at anything, or that they don’t have any skills, craftsmanship, or not enough knowledge. 

But actually, the knowing and learning comes by doing! So what is it that you naturally do? 

I had a friend who said she loved to clean. She got a friend involved and created a cleaning business. What is it that you do that you’re not acknowledging in yourself? If you really can’t think of anything then ask your loved ones. Ask your family, ask your friends. What is it that they admire about what you do, that they feel they cannot do as well? What they think they can’t do, they’ll see as a skill set in you. 

I invite you all to tune in to what is emotionally latent that you’re taking for granted about yourself? And what about all of those skill sets that you had when you were a kid? I know so many people who used to play instruments when they were in high school or university, and then they stopped playing instruments. But maybe you still know enough where you could teach a brand newbie how to play, or simply inspire them to start! There’s different levels for absolutely everything. 

Why don’t you take up all of those crafts you did when you were a little kid? We used to make all of our own presents. It’s usually the handmade things that are the most important and the most meaningful. Anytime you have a gift to give someone, think about what you could create with your own creative mind and intention.

Perfection doesn’t come into it because it’s the heart, love, and joy vibration. This is how you can learn to tap into your passion so that you can think about what you really want to do for your work, or simply to help somebody else in a way that doesn’t feel obligatory, or heavy on your shoulders so you can actually enjoy what you do.

It could be something that you do every day. But you’re just not noticing it. Or maybe it’s an old skill set that you used to have. I knew a lot of guys in high school who were grease monkeys, constantly out in the cars with grease firmly embedded under their fingernails because they were so interested in what was under the bonnet of a car. To me, that’s a super big skill set. I mean, I think I just opened the bonnet of my car for the first time this year the other day! 

Remember, pay attention and see what you’ve got. There are a lot of amazing neighbourhood groups where you can do exchanges for things, all of that is happening much more these days. And I’ll bet you’re all much more resourceful than you realise, when you start focusing on the gifts that you naturally have. 

For the end of the year, tune in and see what you can gift to yourself just because of noticing what your inherent skill set is, and then see how you can make that work for you and how you can share it with the world. 

And if you’d like to have a little ‘aha’ moment, I would love to speak with you. I’m really good at listening. I can hear what people say and what people don’t say. That’s one of my gifts, I get a little “hit” about people, a palpable download of information. So let me help you with what I know how to do!

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I look forward to having a 20 minute free call with you soon.

Happy New Year 

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