Skepticism and Dreams

I want to talk about skepticism and dreams. Some people think that you shouldn’t share your dreams with other people, that you ought to keep things close to your chest and not tell anybody what your plans are, or what’s going on. 

Sometimes I’ve lived by that but I’m naturally more of an open person and I think it’s good to share what you’re doing. 

But people don’t because they don’t want to feel vulnerable. They don’t want to be judged. They don’t want people ruining their dreams or being skeptical or cynical about them. 

So that keeps us in a place of fear. In fact, that might keep you from even starting to pursue your dreams because of what other people might think. 

Some of you may have seen that I’ve taken on some side hustles, some affiliate marketing, and I’m also promoting some amazing health products, which I feel very strongly about. I’ve been testing them for the past two months and really don’t want to live without them now!

I had a huge shift of consciousness this year around finances.  So many people are struggling and living month to month, or in a place of lack.  I’ve done a lot of mind set work about it, but that’s not everything! 

As long as I’m still doing what I do by helping people change their mindset, working with their energy, taking them to Peru, helping people changing their perspectives and shift at a deep level, open their resourceful thinking have better communication, then why must I only rely on that business for my income? 

I see all of these people online with affiliate marketing, getting out of huge amounts of debt. I’m lucky I don’t have any of that. I’m not starting from a desperate lack place. But I thought, why is this for other people? And my Women’s Centered Coaching mentor, Claire Zammit, talks about focusing on your gaps. 

In my life, I can tick every box of success, even finances to a certain extent, but not the way that I would really like to have the finances, because in the bigger picture I want to be a global philanthropist. Technically, I already am on a small scale, but I want to be a major player. 

So why not try something out? And immediately I hear people’s skepticism, I hear their cynicism. “Oh, don’t do that. It’s just a scam. There’s no value, there’s no real product. They’re just selling you a dream.”  

I hear this all the time. “They’re just selling you a dream.” 

So when you’re out there looking for a new car, and you’re looking at that Ferrari, and you’re imagining yourself driving that Ferrari with your status, and how cool you’re gonna’ be and how sexy you’re gonna’ look…. How do you think they’re selling you that car?

Through the dream!

When they’re selling you a fitness programme because you’re going to feel amazing, energised, look younger when you lose 20 pounds and you’re just gonna’ feel like you have a whole new body and you’re gonna’ get a whole new wardrobe… They’re selling you the dream.

Even down to the chocolate bar you eat that’s going to transport you to a whole new dimension!

Sales and marketing, which our entire world is now more than ever,  is selling you a dream; the dream and the hope of how it will be if you put in the work and the effort to make that happen. 

So the people who really do have that dream, and can line up with that vibrationally, because this is where it all comes together with the work that I actually do, are probably going to realise that dream. 

But if you have limiting beliefs in the back of your mind, sabotaging what you really believe is possible or that you don’t believe anything is possible or that you think everything is a scam, then you’re probably not going to realise your dreams and you’re going to prove yourself “right”  “This is a scam. It doesn’t work.” 

Think about all of those actors who haven’t made it yet who are pounding the pavement who are working as baristas and they’ve been doing it for five years and they still haven’t realised their dreams. Maybe they’ve had the odd thing here and there but they still haven’t made it big, but they’re not quitting because they have a dream. 

They have an ultimate goal of something that they want to achieve.

The dream is not to be a digital marketer. Apparently having done some research, digital marketing is an actual online career and it’s one of the highest paid careers there is. Yes, you have to learn stuff. Yes, you have to put in the work. You have to learn a skill set, you have to practice, it’s a time and numbers thing, but that’s not the dream. 

The dream is the lifestyle that it may bring you. And this is where it’s really important. The shamans all talk about dreaming their existence into being.  Dream the world that you want to see. You’ve got to see it and feel it in your mind and your heart and all around you. You’ve got to align with the energy of the dream that you want to create and call to you. 

The Law of Attraction is not just about sitting on the couch saying, “Come on pot of gold, land in my lap!” It’s about feeling into how you want to feel when you’ve achieved what you want to achieve.

It’s imagining your future self and all of the skills and capacities that she has, that she’s feeling in that amazing vibrational state that is attracting everything that you want to bring into your life now. 

So if people are throwing cynicism at you and skepticism about what you’re trying out, it’s because it’s not their dream and because they’re not open minded enough or willing enough to actually look into it and see what is working. For every success story, there’s also another story of no success, where are you wanting to put your focus and your energetic vibration?

It also depends on how much people follow the rules, right? So I started this programme (a complete beginner) and I watched the first initial things to get started. And it’s been a little bit slow going, I mean, I’ve only been doing it three weeks, but then today I thought I really better watch some more of this training and then I saw the next few videos I thought, “oh yeah, there’s more to it!” I didn’t have the full picture and all of the information and so how much are people paying attention to the details in the small print?

Basically, how much effort do you want to put into something to realise the outcome that you want for it? 

First, you have to have the dream, and you have to be aligned vibrationally with the dream that you want to call in. 

And if you’re living your truth and speaking your truth, and realising your dream, and lining up with that dream, as long as you’re not doing anything unethical, illegal, morally questionable, then why can’t you move forward in that dream? 

It doesn’t have to be everybody else’s dream. Not everybody has to agree with what you’re doing. 

But as long as you know that you’re in alignment and in your truth, helping people and helping yourself by getting to where you want to be by striving to make the most out of your every day and out of your future than what is holding you back?

Only you! Your limitations, your fear of judgement about what other people might think or say or feel. 

Anyway, if you want to have more information about this, please, private message me and let’s have that chat. I’m around all Christmas. I’m not technically officially working, but I’m always here available to help you reframe anything or bounce ideas around.

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