Why Ceremony Matters

It’s the new moon which means it’s a good time to set intentions for what you want to come. This is a really good seed planting time. That’s a little ceremony you could have by yourself, an intention setting ceremony. Anything you want to transmute into light you can blow into a stick, personal to you so you don’t impose on anyone else’s freewill, and put it into the fire.

My eldest son Forrest just married his fiancee Orla this past Saturday and it was such a beautiful, romantic and emotional wedding. Outside, it was thundering, storming and raining, I looked up what rain symbolises on your wedding day and it means good luck and long lasting. Because when you tie a knot if you get it wet, it’s really hard to untie. Forrest proposed to Orla in the middle of a thunder rainstorm on top of a hill so it seemed appropriate that they would get married on Otley Chevin in a rainstorm.

Ceremony is so important because besides helping us all get still and be present in the moment, it’s wonderful to have conscious intention setting moments, prayers or blessings. A ceremony allows you to proclaim your love publicly for someone in front of all of your nearest and dearest. It’s a time to be witnessed. A time to be heard. It’s a time to be held. It’s a beautiful moment to express gratitude in a public way so that it’s for everybody present, not just for the person that someone’s expressing it to.

To enjoy and revel in other people’s love for each other is another beautiful thing to witness. So I want to invite you all this holiday season whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, or don’t celebrate at all, you can celebrate yourself by creating a little ceremony for You.

I bless my food all the time, bless the car every time I drive it, little ceremonies more like a prayer. But this holiday season, especially today if you can, good time for New Moon new beginnings, set your intention. Put your desires out to the universe for what you want to manifest to yourself and really feel into it and send love out to everyone, unity and connection.

Have a very happy holiday season. I love you all so much I’m here for you too. If you’re struggling please message me. Let’s have a conversation. I’m a really great cheerleader (not that I ever actually was one! ) and can help you reframe so do not suffer alone during this holiday season. Reach out. 🙏💜
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