Inclusion is Compassion

This time of year stirs up a lot of big emotions for a lot of people. It’s a vulnerable time of year. There are a lot of suicides at this time, people get really sad, and have high emotions for all sorts of reasons. 

Maybe people have lost loved ones. Maybe you’re remembering happier times, maybe you’re alone in the world. Whatever has happened, people tend to spiral down at this time. 

So if you’re not one of these people who are spiralling down, but are enjoying this time of life and feeling festive and loving, extend your compassion and love for others. 

Really, we’re able to affect other people by sending them our energy by expanding our heart energy and sending out feelings of love, calmness, peace and holding. 

If someone around you is feeling sad, you don’t have to fix it. You don’t even have to say anything. You can simply put your hand on their back at their heart chakra, and send that calming, holding energy to let them know that they’re not alone in this time. Feel it, and imagine them feeling it.

And if you are having a celebration and you know that somebody’s alone, include them in your celebration, reach out to people. 

Every year my kids take packs of food to the homeless people sitting on the streets because it’s so cold out here in the wintertime. I asked if blankets would be better and they said most of them have sleeping bags, some even have tents but everybody’s hungry. 

So share your love. It’s great to share our love all year round, but especially this time of year when people are feeling particularly fragile. 

My mom was Mrs. Christmas, and every Christmas I think of her and miss her so much because she created this tradition that I’ve passed on to my children, that they’ll pass on to their children and it is a lovely time. 

Decorating the tree the other day, I picked up an ornament and it was a little ornament that I made last year with my cat, Bliss, on it and that was her last Christmas because she died this year in March. I saw the ornament and burst out crying. I have another little kitty, Ghost,  (in the photo) but you know, all emotions are pretty high up there right now. 

So have compassion for yourself. Remember, we’re never alone. Love yourself. Reach out, love others and make the most of this beautiful time. I love you all so much. 

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