Happy Full Moon

We’re still in the beautiful, full moon energy from Monday. She’s right outside my window, our beautiful grandmother moon.

Three days leading up to and three days afterwards we’re still basking in that full moon energy vibe. 

This full Moon has been about focusing on what your inner child is all about, that free child inside yourself which so many people are disconnected from. 

That pure being that came to this earth remembering our purpose, why we’ve come here, what our joy is, what that kind of unconditional love and sense of childlike wonder is really all about.

But what also happens in our free child energy, our inner child, was the way that we perceived things as children without having the full picture. Without having all of the details, without understanding all of the things in the adult grown up world that we were perceiving.

So what did you decide when you were that young child? For myself at 14 years old, I felt like people weren’t there for me because my mother was going through her own tough transitions. My sister was already at the high school having her life experiences. We had moved back from Argentina a few years earlier. I had been bullied the year before, and 14 was the last year of junior high school. 

I felt a deep insecurity and so semi consciously I put on a “mask” to hide the way that I truly felt. But the mask that I put on, made me bigger and more “out there” than my actual true self. It was like a balancing act of my own internal scales. A false confidence.

And this mask was so deeply rooted because it was part of my survival mechanism in that 14 year olds view of the world. And that wasn’t even early childhood. This was young teenager years which  then of course I forgot about. 

Because then I went on to become a full-fledged teenager in high school with real life problems in the world. 

So what did you do when you were a young kid either as a young child or even as a young teenager?

What decision did you make about yourself that might still be playing out in your life? 

My whole life I’ve been fighting against this mask! The struggle of what I put on for the world to see and what is actually going on behind it. To feel safe to remove that and be my authentic self. 

So that I can be received fully by others and feel true to myself in every situation. So that I can feel like I’m at home wherever I am, that I’m with my people wherever I am. I know from all the people I work with that I’m not alone in this feeling.

It’s been a fascinating process to examine and I’m happy being transparent and vulnerable with all of you here because in order to truly self evolve, we need to go in and go deep and share our innermost selves and knowings with other people so that we all know that we’re not alone. 

We’re not alone in this wonderful journey of growth and self development. 

So I invite you to think back while you’re in this Full Moon energy and tap into that inner child self, that free self, the beautiful part too and also tap into the part that may need some holding.

And give your child self some holding right now and really enjoy the beauty and fullness of all that you are. 

If you need some help examining these deeper parts of yourself, it’s always good to have another person’s perspective because it’s hard to see our own stuff all by ourselves. I don’t do this work alone. I have people that help me too so that I can self discover. We’re not meant to work alone.

So please private message me, or book a mind shift call which is free. I’d love to have a 20-minute conversation to see where you’re at and see if we’d be a good vibrational match to work together. 

I love you all so much. Happy full moon!

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