Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends to unite, story tell, share experiences and food as well as to express gratitude for not just the harvest, but all of the gifts that we have received. 

Sometimes, especially in this world right now it’s hard to see the good because there’s so much conflict happening. Maybe in your relationships there’s conflict happening too. But the universe works in balance. It’s light and dark, yin and yang. 

For every negative thing that you can see, if you really look and want to focus, you can find something positive. So I invite you this Thanksgiving to unite with your loved ones, tell some positive, uplifting stories, and give thanks for all of the gifts in your life, even if you think they’re ever so small or if you’re not quite where you want to be. 

And please let’s send prayers and blessings to other people who are less fortunate than you, other people who might have health issues, or who have lost loved ones or people who are struggling in one way or another. 

Let’s send out love and blessings for everybody who could use them right now. 

I want to share this prayer with you. I’m pretty disciplined about blessing my food, and I also bless my car before I drive it, but as it’s Thanksgiving and we’re probably going to get together and eat a bunch of really good food, let’s focus on that.

Think about sharing a blessing with your family. And this is how I do it. I like to connect my body to the earth and to the heavens. So that I’m connected to universal source energy and I’m in that beautiful co-created state. 

Then I hover my hands palms down over my plate so that I’m kind of channelling that beautiful unconditional love energy right through my hands and into my food. 

I connect with that heavenly love light and the beautiful hot lava love centre of the Pachamama, beautiful mother earth. And I say:

“Holy Mother, Father God, Great Spirit, Creator Of All That Is, it’s commanded to bless this food from the first seeds of its existence on earth. 

Make it the most nutritious, healthy, alkaline and easily to digest for all of our individual bodies. 

Fill the food with light and love and raise it vibrationally for our highest and best. Fill the food with gratitude and send the Spirit of the food back to Source.

Peace, clarity, unity, cleanliness, back to the earth to start the process all over again. Thank you, God. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done. And so it is. Hi ya ya.” 

That certainly aligns me in a centred space. What happens so much these days is that people are not present. We eat while we’re walking down the street, while we’re looking at our phones. While we’re watching TV. 

Presence is really important. When we’re aligned and present with ourselves then we can be more present with others. So eat consciously, give thanks for the food that you’re eating. Feel it in your mouth, feel it in your stomach, enjoy every bite because not so many people are lucky to be able to feast this Thanksgiving. 

I love you all so much, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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