How Are You Using Your Energy On A Daily Basis?

Are you conscious of how you’re using your energy so that you can change your behaviour that’s related to how you’re using your energy?

We’re all creatures of habit. That’s what our neural pathways are about. They hold all of our subconscious behavioural beliefs, which are our thoughts, words, actions and how we respond to things. 

The first step in self development is about paying attention to what’s actually going on. What are you thinking? 

Do you have a head full of monkey chatter? Is there negative self talk? 

Are you habitually doing things that aren’t good for you that have turned into a habit you’re not really aware of? 

The first step is awareness. Maybe you’re in a toxic relationship, and it’s just been drip feeding you over time that you don’t realise you’re using all of your energy to be tiptoeing on eggshells around somebody, or to constantly be on the defensive, or to put on a mask of how you’re really feeling. 

These are all habits that seep in unawares! Perhaps you live alone, but you find yourself scrolling on your phone for hours on end, without conscious awareness of that. Or you’re doing other things that are distracting you from what you really need to be doing.

Maybe you distract yourself with Netflix, or even by cooking or baking and even though those are kind of productive distractions, because you’ll end up with some wonderful food, maybe you are actually cooking from a need to escape, procrastinate or distract yourself.

Maybe it’s cleaning! I know when I’m stressed I tend to clean because it’s a productive way to be stressed. Or are you trying on clothes or online shopping? 

All of these things take away from our focus on what it is that we need to be doing. Maybe you’re messaging friends. 

The first step towards self awareness is to notice what’s going on in your mindset. 

What are your thoughts about yourself? What are your thoughts about others? 

And what are you actually doing that’s associated to your state of mind? 

The idea is to be conscious on a daily basis about everything that you’re thinking, feeling and doing, and not to put judgement on your emotions or how you’re feeling and not to put judgement on your behaviours either. 

But just to be aware, and notice. Because when you start to notice things, then you’re becoming self aware. 

It really is that simple. Many people despite years of personal work can fall into the same habits because we are humans and creatures of habit. 

If you’d like some help in becoming more self aware and tools to help you along with different, more supportive ways of thinking about yourself and others, as well as better ways to communicate, then I’d really love to speak with you. 

The work that I do helps people open their eyes wide and think “wow, I have never thought of things this way before!” And once seeds of awareness get planted within you, you can’t un-plant them! 

They’re there to grow and help you expand and develop as a person. So I’d really love to hear from you,   book a free call let’s have a chat.

Also, be sure to join the Women Being Seen and Heard Facebook group. Please introduce yourselves in the group and send me a private message.

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