Surpass Your Limitations

Did you know that your mind, your imagination, does not know the difference between what it’s imagining and seeing in your mind’s eye as opposed to what you’re actually looking at here in your reality?
This is how we limit ourselves because we’ve got so much subconscious stuff going on in the background, suppressed stuff that we’re not really losing any sleep about, however, the wounding is there, and it’s deep within our cells.
So later in life, when we’re triggered about something, we don’t understand why we’re suddenly feeling anxious or why we’re feeling afraid, sad, scared, angry,  judgmental or blaming somebody or if we’re just annoyed for no obvious reason.
It’s because these shadow parts that have been suppressed in us since childhood are waking up because somebody’s triggered us.
One way to really move forward in life is to push yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone so that you can expand your consciousness. I’ve just been on retreat and I was way out of my comfort zone every single day and that’s why I went, so I could gift myself another big shift in consciousness to wake things up and stir things up a bit.
I wanted a new, fresh perspective on this phase of life where I currently am. So it’s a really good idea to do that on occasion. Personal development is not just a holiday, it has life-long lasting effects if you apply the work.
Let me just show you a really cool activity here.  Do this with me: stand up with your feet on the floor, in line with your hips and put your right arm out in front of you. And without moving your feet, turn your body as far as you can all the way around to the right, until you can’t go anymore.
Notice with your eyes where you got to.  Then come back, put your arm down. Now, close your eyes and imagine putting your arm out in front of you. Don’t do it, just imagine it. Simply imagine turning your body all the way around. You’re still visualising turning your body going even further past where you were before.You’re turning almost all the way around back to the front! You’re turning and you can feel it and it’s amazing.
Okay, come back, open your eyes. Put your arm out again. Turn your body as far as you can to the right. Now, isn’t that interesting? I turned about a foot and half further!  Just because in my mind’s eye, I imagined that I could go further, I imagined I could go all the way and in one minute I could change the physical distance that I could actually turn my body. Isn’t that cool?
So if you can change your self imposed limitations just by closing your eyes for a few minutes and imagining the desired result, imagine how that would be if you took this on as a daily life tool.
Close your eyes every day for just five minutes. You don’t have to meditate for 20 minutes every day. Five minutes. Lay there and imagine the outcome of your life. Imagine with all of your senses. What does it feel like? What does it look like? What does it taste like? What does it smell like? How are the people around you going to feel when you reach the goal that you’re aiming for and when you have the life that you desire? What are you going to be able to do?
Five minutes a day is all it takes to simply to focus in your mind’s eye on what you want, to begin to change the energy around whatever’s going on in your life. This is how we start to change our relationships with ourselves.
Because most of the time we go around all day with negative monkey chatter and telling ourselves “I can’t do that.”
“I can’t do that” for whatever the reasons we think that we can’t. These are all learned responses that we learned as young children when we didn’t have all of the answers, when we didn’t have all of the facts to make life decisions for ourselves when we were little.
So if you’re not living a totally aligned, joyous life every day with full abundance, and your life isn’t in flow and you haven’t got great relationships with everybody you know, including your children and parents, and you’re not earning the money that you want or doing what you want, and not living how you want to live, please book a mind shift call with me. Let’s have a conversation. Let me help you have one little ‘aha’ moment whether you end up working with me or not.
There’s so much information to share.  If you haven’t already please watch the From Fear Into Love Masterclass Webinar. It’s in my Facebook group, The Spiritually Conscious Traveller and it’s on my personal Facebook page and my business Facebook page. And if you’re on my mailing list, you’ll have received that link in an email as well. It’s about an hour and 15 minutes and I go right through the whole class and tell you everything that’s in there quickly and you hear from some of my alumni too.
I’m about to run this class again. So the new students will have access to week one’s work on September 28th, which is a Wednesday, so if you want to join, please book a mind shift call with me now!  Click here:
Let’s have a chat and let’s see what is the best way to move forward so that you can finally access your free rein to yourself so you can allow yourself to reach your greatest potential and get over the subconscious hurdles that we ourselves put in place to keep ourselves “safe.” But now, we’re not that little kid anymore. Now we’re grown up. So we need to have a different perspective on things.
If you’d like a different perspective, I’d really love to help you find it! This is the most satisfying work in the world. I have changed my own life radically and helped 1000’s of people to change their lives for the better too.
I’d love to help you really get in line with who you want to be – isn’t it time you discovered the best version of yourself?

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