Women Being Seen And Heard

The reason why I started my new public Facebook group Women Being Seen And Heard is because most of the women I’ve ever spoken to in my life at some point in time have felt like they have not been seen truly for who they are, and that they have not been heard. 

As a result we start to play small. When I was six years old in the first grade in the states my teacher put a big X in masking tape across my mouth because she’d “heard enough out of me!” 

Yeah, I know. Now, if that happened, she’d be out the door fast, but this was the 60’s. Naturally, all the other kids started to laugh and even though I felt hugely humiliated, embarrassed and angry, I laughed too. 

At six years old, I was quickly learning how to suppress my true emotions and how to put a mask over my actual feelings so that I could be accepted and fit in. 

This is a core wounding that happened in my formative years. And of course, this was substantiated over and over again. If you think about little kids, adults often don’t take kids seriously. They don’t believe in their “invisible friends” when probably we were simply still seeing spirit. Or they don’t believe in our capabilities. 

We come into this earth with a higher knowing before we’re shut down by the time we’re 5 or 6. So we still remember why we came here to this earth. We had that higher intelligence still working for us, but without the ability to communicate our understanding and experiences effectively. 

So we’re shushed. We’re told “don’t be silly,” “don’t make things up.” And we start to doubt and trust our fundamental inner knowing. We start to play small and suppress our emotions. We start to not speak our truth, and begin to feel invisible. 

Energetically that becomes our imprint, and gets substantiated over and over through life in one way, shape or form. Everybody has their own story, but I had an alcoholic mother so she would often twist my words or take things personally or just completely lose the plot. I didn’t feel seen or heard in those situations. Luckily when she was sober, she was wonderful and my biggest fan. And most of my formative years were pretty happy and stable. But from the time I was eleven, my father had a partner who he was forever protecting from my teenage antics or my “far out” beliefs because I would obviously ruffle his feathers too much so I was often interrupted and shut up.  

If you have larger than life parents, or somebody is constantly interrupting you, talking over you, or simply shushing you in some way or telling you to be quiet or to shut up, or turning up the music or walking out of the room or twisting your words around, these are all ways that we are not being seen and not being heard. 

Go within yourself and really think about all of the ways this has happened in your life in various situations and circumstances. 

The way it manifested for me was that I always believed that I was never taken seriously, it might manifest in different ways for you.

But however it manifests, at the root it makes us feel disconnected from our own feelings, needs and desires. And that really gives us a pretty low level feeling of dissatisfaction with most of our relationships because we’re not in touch with the core of our true feelings. 

We could go into blaming others, or feeling like others don’t care about us, when really they do, or we disappear ourselves. We start to isolate ourselves. These behaviours overlap with so many other core woundings. 

We could leave relationships without any explanation or without ever understanding our own core reasons why. We can believe that other people are selfish or that it’s not safe to be seen or that the world doesn’t care what we have to offer. 

Of course we’re not going to shine our brightest potential, or go out into the world and speak our truth if it’s not a safe place to be! 

Another problem is that we don’t effectively ask for what we need because it’s not safe. Sometimes, especially for us healer types, we’ll devote all of our attention on others, put everyone’s needs ahead of our own and focus on other people so as not to have to be visible because that’s what we’ve been used to. We’ve been used to hiding. We’ve been used to turning off our own light. 

In this group Women Being Seen And Heard I want to help you rediscover your ability to recognise and name your own true feelings and desires and to feel safe with that. 

I want to help you to be able to witness your own internal experience and be able to celebrate yourselves because you’ve been playing small for too long. 

We need to dream bigger, shine brighter, step outside of our comfort zones and really live up to our greatest potentials. But when it doesn’t feel safe to do that, it’s hard to do that! 

We need to heal those deeper core woundings. And of course, that changes all of our relationships when we know that we can see ourselves and really be present with our own feelings. I’ve been guilty of “rising above” everything all the time, not wanting to sit with my feelings because it’s uncomfortable – who wants to feel uncomfortable? 

However, when you allow yourself to really feel what’s going on at a deeper level, you can learn what’s playing out for you at an underlying level with pretty much everything that you do. 

This group is for women who are ready to finally be seen for all of your wisdom, your brightness, intelligence, amazing personalities and all of the gifts that you have to offer the world. You’re finally ready to be heard, feel safe to speak your truth, whatever it is, because often your truth is so masked in shame. 

We all think we have these big secrets to keep but we are all the same. I’m working with Dr. Claire Zammit right now. And there are thousands of women who have some kind of similar experience or the same sorts of feelings. We’re all in this together. 

If there are other women that you know, that could really use the support of an open, loving, positive, safe community like this, where we’re all free to support each other and lift each other up, then please invite them to join this group. 

I will be offering my courses in here. I’ve been a coach for over 20 years and a shaman and healer and I currently have a 12-week online programme called From Fear Into Love that’s going to be relaunching soon. I keep cleaning it up and making it better each time. It’s likely that’s going to be the next thing that’s launched, but I’ll also have other shorter programmes coming up, and all wonderful things to help you release whatever is holding you back.

Discover the things that you haven’t been able to put your finger on in the past, you’ll finally be able to identify them, shift them and be in full alignment and shine your brightest self.

I so look forward to hearing from all of you.

Join the Women Being Seen and Heard Facebook group. Please introduce yourselves in the group and send me a private message and book a mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see how we can best work together.

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