You Always Have Your Inner Temple

I visited the Gangaramaya temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It’s absolutely beautiful and filled with exquisite antiques from all around the world, and treasured items. 

Whether you’re on a mountaintop, or in a temple, you always have your inner temple, a place that you can retreat to, a place that you can connect to your God, to your source energy. 

Your inner temple is your sacred place that you can connect to your higher self, whether you’re making breakfast for your kids at home, sitting at your desk, or bonding with elephants. 

Whatever you’re doing, we always have our inner temple to retreat to.

So I encourage all of you, now, whatever you’re doing in your life, wherever you’re going, whatever circumstances are happening around you to remember that you always have a connection with your Source energy. 

And the more you’re connected to Source Energy, the more you’re in your divinity.

We’re always connected to source energy, but when you’re consciously connected to source energy, you cannot be fragmented by all of the outside disturbances and challenges that life offers up to us. 

You’re in alignment. Your cells are filled with joyous love light when you’re in your inner temple, consciously connecting to your God.

So have a conversation with your Source energy every day. 

And if you’d like help on how to do this and how to really let go and focus in the present moment, private message me and let’s have that chat. I love you all so much.

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