Follow Your Heart’s Secret Calling

When you follow your heart’s secret calling, you end up attracting what you truly desire from deep within.

Travelling is one of my heart’s passions. A lot of people love to go travelling because it thrills them, gets them out of their comfort zone, and they know they can get rid of all of the stress of their normal working life, and that it’s going to make them feel revived and wonderful.

So they go travelling, and they feel better. And it’s amazing that whenever you’re following your heart’s passion, you can always find a way to afford to make it happen.

So then you go on your wonderful holiday, and you come home and feel revived for a little while. But the next year, guess what? You’re in the same place all over again.

And you’re thinking, oh, gosh, I remember last year, that wonderful holiday!

Well, how would it be, if you actually followed your heart’s secret calling, which is finding inner peace, trusting that you’re going to be content all year round, even when there’s stress, coming at you from every direction; when it’s raining, when the kids are screaming when you’ve got everything going on all around you. Your plate is overflowing with too many responsibilities, and yet you know you can remain calm and content, and easily tap into those memories of holiday.

And you also know that other ones are on the horizon.

We attract the holiday, because that’s what we’re focusing on, we want to pull that towards us. But how would that be if you attracted that inner peace?

And this is why people don’t invest in themselves and go on a course, to clear up all of those childhood woundings because we think oh, well, that doesn’t sound fun. I don’t want to deal with my wounding from the past.

But really, if you focused on what you’ll get out of it, but see, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of it from your current perspective. So you’re not focusing on calling in the inner peace.

You don’t believe that going on a course is going to give you that inner peace, whereas you know from experience that going on a holiday is going to shift you. At least temporarily. 

But going on a course is going to shift you and change you for life, especially From Fear Into Love which we’re in the process of right now.

It was so exciting and beautiful to see how my students this time, halfway through week one, were radically shifting already. It’s so moving.

My wonderful coaches are taking the classes now while I’m here in Sri Lanka experiencing, adventurous train rides, Sigiriya and wild elephants!

We hiked up a mountain in the dark so that we could see the sunrise and connect to the earth and tune into our heart’s passions.

Yes, I can attract this. But all the rest of the year I can tap into this memory and use all of the tools that I have so that I can live in my state of inner peace all the time.

Wouldn’t you love to do that? I also take people to Peru if you didn’t know that. I hoped to have a trip this year. But because of the political issues going on there, that’s not going to happen. But next year it is, so wouldn’t you love to plan ahead and take a trip of a lifetime and join me in Peru so that you can have not just a holiday but a major shift in perspective and find that inner peace that you’re really looking for?

You can learn to reframe anything and join my next run of From Fear Into Love so that you can really find what you’re truly looking for that inner contentment, and the tools and the ability to be calm and peaceful regardless of what’s going on for you.

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