Pause. Breathe. Consider.

Everybody gets overwhelmed and feels the stresses of the day to day stuff, jumbling around and falling on our shoulders. We feel like we have to do everything, get everything done, meet this deadline, arrive there on time, sort out a million things all at once.

When you have a busy full life, you have a lot of things going on, whether it’s taking care of kids or at work, whether you own your own company, whatever you’re doing. Life is throwing stuff at us all the time, and we get overloaded. 

And when we get overloaded, we tend to react. We don’t think. We don’t respond consciously. 

So I want to remind you that when everything is getting on top of you, especially when it’s all happening at once and you feel like you’re on the point of exploding, just pause. 

Take a deep breath. Feel your energy come back into alignment. Have a little drink of water if one is available, close your eyes, maybe even count to 10. 

And then consider what’s going on around you. Consider what is worth dipping your energy for. All of these small things that are piling up into one big thing, is it really worth losing your energy over? 

So pause, breathe, consider and then from a place of alignment, consciously respond instead of spontaneously reacting to everything going on. 

If you start to practice this, every time you’re feeling pressured, even if you’re all by yourself, instead of screaming, raging or having a big drama about everything, just stop, pause, breathe, feel all of your fragmented energy coming back into your center. 

And then consider is the world going to burst into flames if all of these things aren’t done in this one moment? No, probably not.

Then you can logically think well, what’s the most pressing thing I need to do right now? And then all of the rest will fall into place. When you’re in alignment, and coming from a place of conscious consideration, everything flows much more easily than when you’re stressed and overwhelmed and trying to make decisions when your energy is fragmented. 

So pause, breathe, call your energy back in and then consider. Consider how you want to feel. Do you want to feel fragmented and overwhelmed? No. So choose not to be. Respond consciously.

If you’d like help on how to reframe stuff and other really cool things that can help you change the way that you’re thinking, and change your perspective so that your everyday life can flow so much more easily, please private message me. 

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