Are You Buying Into Fear Based Collective Consciousness?

Are you Buying into Fear Based Collective Consciousness? As healers it’s easy to get dragged out of alignment because we feel the energy of others so easily and sometimes we take it on as our own. But are you actively focussing on YOUR truth and co-creating the reality and world you want with Source Energy? When you are helping others expand their consciousness you are a pioneer and stepping out of the masses, that in itself can generate a host of subconscious triggers – limiting beliefs that will hold us back, and make our path to enlightenment a struggle instead of a joyful experience. Wouldn’t you like to have clarity on a daily basis so you can be your best self and serve others at the highest level? PM me, I would love to help you learn the tools and practices that my students are absolutely blossoming by incorporating this wisdom into their lives.Join my free Facebook Group The Devoted Healer for tips and strategies to stay in total alignment, reach your potential and live your authentic truth Click Here to Join:

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