Are You Receiving Signs From The Universe? Our abundant Universe is giving us signs all the time to let us know that we are being held, guided, protected. We need to request it. “Show me a sign” and then be open to receive it. Once you start looking for signs from the universe they show up splendidly in a variety of ways; rainbows, butterflies, miraculous moments, clouds that look like angels – messages for us are everywhere. Immediately I feel uplifted and like a prayer has been answered. My soul feels soothed. Notice the signs around you and look for the magic. Create your own magic by diving deep into belief work and discovering parts of yourself you never realised. PM me. Join my free Facebook Group The Spiritually Conscious Traveller for tips and strategies to travel into your subconscious, face your fears, literally travel to Peru, become an Accredited Healer and reach your potential so you can help others reach theirs. Click Here to Join: