Are You Stuck In A Loop Of Repeating Patterns?

Are you stuck in a loop of repeating patterns? What I mean by patterns is any behaviour that you keep repeating.

So, a repeating pattern might be the monkey chatter that’s going on in your head. Thoughts that keep going around and around in your mind. Usually, it’s negative, judgement about others or judgement about yourself or replaying a potential situation that hasn’t happened yet. The “what if” scenario that keeps replaying in your brain. This is a repeating pattern.

Maybe one of your repeating patterns is when your partner or somebody challenges you, instead of stopping and listening and really hearing them and receiving what they’re saying, you take it personally and respond with anger or defensiveness.

Or behaviourally perhaps if something upsets you, you just shut down and give someone the silent treatment. Or you walk out or you escape. When you’re sad, you go eat cake every time.

These are repeating patterns and they show up in obvious ways, and also in stealthy ways. But what happens with all of these repeating patterns is that they don’t make us feel very good about ourselves, especially if we respond defensively or angrily or we’ve taken something personally and the other person is like, what on earth is your problem? All I said was this

But what’s happening is that something in you much more deeply is being triggered, something that you haven’t quite worked out yet, that you haven’t healed yet. So it’s not about the surface thing that somebody’s saying or doing that’s triggering you.

What happens is the pattern of that feeling of inadequacy from early childhood is repeating itself and coming out in your behaviour. That’s what’s happening when you’re stuck in a repeating pattern.

And if you’re in that repeating pattern, chances are that you haven’t really healed the root wounding of what that is. Maybe you don’t even know about the root wounding.

That’s why the work I do is so cool because it really takes us to our deepest subconscious place in ourselves, the stuff that we’re in denial about, and we don’t even know that we’re in denial about it. The stuff that we’re kidding ourselves about and we don’t even realise that we’re kidding ourselves about.

So, book a 20 minute free mind shift call with me so that we can have a chat so that we can see where you’re really not allowing yourself to understand intellectually how you perceived everything when you were a little kid. And all that was going on around you was the stuff that you took in, which affected your vibration, the energy you give out to the world, when you were little, and it certainly affects your vibration now if you’re still stuck in those repeating patterns.

So isn’t it time to finally clean that up so that you can live your best life? I think so. I’d love to hear from you. Contact me now for a mind shift call and let’s have that chat.

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