At What Cost Are You Trading Your Authenticity And Power For Some Level Of “Comfort”?

At what cost are you trading your authenticity and power for some level of “comfort”? 

And I say “comfort” because if you’re remotely dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, you’re not comfortable are you? 

We trade our authenticity and power on all sorts of different levels. 

Maybe you’re trading it emotionally because you think that you need to stay in a relationship with someone so that you’re not alone.  Yet, you’re not happy, so you’re giving up your power so that you can have the emotional response that you think you need from that person. Or you have a toxic friendship that is draining you instead of uplifting you.

Maybe you’re giving up your authenticity in a way that’s affecting your health. Maybe you’re living in a house filled with mold but you don’t either feel deserving and worthy enough to do something about that, or you think that you’re stuck there because you can’t afford to change your environment. 

A lot of people give up their authenticity and power by staying in a job that doesn’t satisfy them at all. You’re just working for money and you’re living hand to mouth at the end of every month, and you feel trapped. 

You could feel trapped in a relationship. You could give up your authenticity and power for material security. I did that once. That was really fun…. NOT! 

I was so unhappy when I did that because I wasn’t living my own truth, my own life. Everything was for the man who was providing for me. And so it felt like when he snapped, I jumped because all of my material needs were taken care of. 

But we’re not just one aspect of a person. We’re emotional, we’re material, we’re physical, we’re spiritual. We have all of these different elements to ourselves and to our lives, our communities, our families and where we live and how we work, and what we want to do. 

So we think that we’re comfortable because we’re in our safe little space, but really, that isn’t comfort. 

Comfort is when we’re in alignment and we find joy and satisfaction in the smallest things when we’re paying attention to the signs of the universe. When we wake up feeling grateful every day when we feel inspired and connected. When we feel excited about the unknown instead of terrified about the unknown. 

When we are filled with joy, hope, and creativity and in flow, that’s what authenticity and power really is. 

So how do you find that? 

Well, first, you’ve got to know what it is that you would love your life to look like. 

If you’re looking at your life right now, maybe some aspects of it are really great, but others need some work. So instead of judging the contrast, or the parts that aren’t working out, that’s the part that lets you know what isn’t working for you. This is what you need to change. 

So how do you change that? 

Well, you reach out and ask for help. So I’m here to help you figure out what it is that you would really love. What is your true authenticity? What is your true power? What is missing from your life? 

Sometimes you don’t know. Sometimes people are searching because something is just missing, but they don’t know what it is.

So why not book a mind shift call with me so that we can have a chat and I can help you find out what that is?

Do you want to simply settle for some level of “comfort”? Or do you want to feel empowered, authentic, aligned, and in flow every day?

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