Call On Your Women Friends

Happy International Women’s Day, yesterday. I don’t know what I would do in my life without all of my women friends. They’re a constant support for me and an outlet of fun, heartfelt love, guidance, and playfulness. So if you have women friends or even if you only have one close woman friend, call on her because she’s going to be a good listening ear or give you good advice or simply just hold space for you. 

This Women’s Day, I’m extremely sad to announce the loss of a very, very important woman in my life. My cat Bliss, my familiar. She was 18 and a half and she left me on Friday. I’ve had all of my women friends from around the world calling and supporting me. 

My sister had a wonderful cat pillow made of her photo for me, although, of course now I’m a crazy person talking to a pillow, petting it, and curling up with her at night! 

My philosophy is that when I found Bliss 18 and a half years ago, I was at my very lowest in my whole life. I had just left Bobby-Baby, my husband. I’d moved to Spain, I had no support network. I had none of my women friends around me. And there she was dying,  only as big as my hand and we rescued each other. 

Now 18 and a half years later, I’m at my highest and best feeling the most amazing I ever have in my life. Feeling secure, and like I have healed everything. All of the big stuff in my life that I’ve ever needed to heal, even the last little threads of leftover stuff. Especially after just having my father here for the last couple of weeks. So I think Bliss realised I could handle it from here.

I called in my women friends when Dad was here so that he could meet all of my nearest and dearest and understand and get the full, bigger picture of me. We had a fire ceremony the day after my kitty passed on and I invited all of my new neighbours because I’ve just moved house and introduced them to a whole new way of being which was really great. They were so receptive. So I feel like I’ve landed and arrived. 

But my close women friends are still supporting me because they know that losing a familiar or losing anyone you love sends you into a bit of a spiral and a grieving process. I am feeling pretty flat at the moment but getting on with life because that’s what you do.

I immediately went into grief meditations and more. I’ve continued swimming every morning and spent time remembering all of the wonderful ways that my beautiful cat and I supported each other. The day my father left, I went for a hike, had a massage, and then a nap. I’ve had creatures in my life for 34 years, the house suddenly feels so incredibly empty. I am extremely grateful for my women friends who’ve been gathering around spiritually, energetically, through the ethers, and in person to support me during this time. 

I’ve also kept busy, hanging my shamanic artwork around me and on my other wall, my photos of my kids and the only few pieces of artwork they’ve ever done in their life. I did my best, but they are athletes, not artists! Slowly my office is coming together and I feel supported by having my shamanic energy and angels all around me. 

So if you don’t have people that you can call on, you can find ways to nurture yourself and feel supported. Just by pulling in things in your immediate vicinity that you love and that you feel happy being surrounded by; either wearing certain clothes, or having a beautiful artwork, or nurturing yourself in some other way. 

For all of you beautiful women out there and all of you beautiful men in touch with your feminine side and honouring your women friends, I love you all so much.

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I really look forward to hearing from you all.

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