Fearing Transformation?

Fearing Transformation? You think you will totally lose yourself and become a different person? You fear you won’t be able to have as much “fun,” or that you will lose everyone and everything that is dear to you? These are just projections coming from the place of fear you are currently in! We get so attached to our uncomfortable “comfort zones” that we lose the ability to even imagine what life would be like in the healed state; one of joy, peace and laughter free from anxiety, guilt, worry and shame. When you step onto your path of healing, the unknown becomes a place of wonder and love. Isn’t it time you take the leap of faith so you can ascend into the best version of yourself? Join my free Facebook Group The Devoted Healer for tips and strategies to stay in total alignment, reach your potential and live your authentic truth Click Here to Join: http://bit.ly/2LEmST0

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