From Fear Into Love Returns!

I’m really excited to announce the launch of From Fear Into Love – my signature course – again! 

Having just been on a call with my alumni who’ve come through it, it was so clear to me that it really does what it says on the tin!  

If you haven’t heard about From Fear Into Love before, after countless studies and years of personal and spiritual development, teaching and a private healing practice, I combined all the best bits of everything I learned in a proven, systematic 12 week, online course with a once a week 2 hour mandatory call. 

That’s where all of the magic happens! 

The groups are relatively small so we get close and intimate and really unpick a lot of your stealthy self sabotage techniques that you’re locked into that you don’t even realise because it’s out of conscious awareness!

It’s based on the chakra system. Even though we have hundreds of chakras, we have seven main chakras, but I also include an eighth chakra, followed by a few more weeks to tie everything together.

Chakras are like energy vortexes. They face forward and backwards sort of like funnels and they spin around affecting your organs, beliefs and physical body. 

It’s crucial to have all of our energy in alignment and our meridians and energy flowing properly through our body. It can change everything for you.

There’s so much information in this class; whether you’re a seasoned coach, a seasoned healer, or already practising shamanic energy medicine or Theta Healing; or have general healing skills, or if you have no healing skills or zero coaching skills, this course is for you!

This is a life transformational course, because it helps you uncover the secrets to yourself that are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential on a holistic level. 

You only need to be open minded, curious, and desiring change.

In week one, we talk about the Root Chakra starting at the bottom and working our way up. It’s all about safety issues. Problems with the foundation of your home, or flooding could also be to do with your root chakra!

We talk about all of the organs that it deals with and all of the different kinds of beliefs that keep us stuck. “I have to struggle to live” is one limiting belief that a lot of people have, which blocks their ability to flow through life with ease.

Week two, we go up to the second chakra, which is all about sexuality and our identity in relationships and our creativity. 

Maybe you don’t know what it feels like to feel good in your skin, so you learn to reprogram your mind. 

We work with the neural pathways in the brain, so that you can literally rewire your brain to create a more positive thought process which directly affects your behaviours.

The third week is the solar plexus, which is all about intellect, ambition and digestion. Not only what you’re digesting physically, but digesting new concepts, situations, and circumstances. 

Perhaps you have the belief that you don’t trust your intuition but you can learn to download what it feels like to trust your intuition. It’s a game changer!

Then there’s the heart chakra which is all about fear, isolation and love. What about the belief “my body knows how to absorb nutrients?” What if you have health issues or allergies or other problems with your body? Maybe your body doesn’t understand how it’s supposed to work. 

We are holistic beings and our minds, bodies, and spirits all work together as one.

We move on up to the throat chakra which is all about communication. And what about the belief “I’m in alignment with my life’s intention.” What about that? Are you in alignment with your life’s intention? Have you ever even really thought about it? Do you know what your life’s intention is? 

Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Do you have good communication with people? Are you being received in the way that you want to be received? 

We unpick all of it and go very deep. And then of course we go up to our third eye which is about insight, inspiration and having our mind and body being in perfect balance, teaching our mind and body to connect so that we can actually flow and be in a state of alignment. Be in our creative, resourceful centre as our default mechanism so that it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Finally, we come up to our crown chakra which is about our higher self, our clarity and our divine acceptance and learning to know and trust Divine Order. 

The eighth chakra is called the Wiracocha, which is within your energy field but outside of your body. 

That’s about enlightenment and receiving God’s understanding and definition of non-attachment and our connection to All That Is. 

Plus you have yoga moves specific for each chakra! Not just general yoga, but a directly related movement sequence for each chakra to shift the energy if you’re stuck in that place. 

Our wonderful yoga teacher Angela Thompson, brings them all together so that you have a fluid yoga flow set for ideal physical alignment, to go with your mind and spirit.

But we also cover all of our belief systems, where they come from, how they’re formed, how we identify them, and we learn to clear them. 

We clear foetal memories. We touch on allergies and digestion. We talk about the vibrations of our words and our thoughts so that we can clean everything up. 

I teach you about transactional analysis ego states and drivers. Why we’re locked into these kind of fixed mindset ways of thinking and habitual behaviours. 

We talk about the brain and our pineal gland and all the happy hormones. 

Naturally, we delve into past lives and ancestors. I mean, that’s where we come from, how could we not include that? 

And then I give you a little introduction to the Merkabah, which is a wonderful six minute meditation that gets all of your energy spinning and flowing properly. 

We cover shamanic practices like soul retrieval and distant healing and burning of labels, all powerful experiences if you need to shift the energy. 

There’s so much more! Twelve weeks so that you can get into the habit of changing your behaviours, and changing the way you think about things, forever. Your life will never be the same. 

You cannot un-hear something once you’ve heard it and these seeds go in deep and they keep working on you even when class is over. 

There are wonderful testimonials on my website and my students all fall madly in love with each other. There’s a Facebook group specific for the class on hand so that you can all connect and answer each other’s questions. 

Often the wisdom comes from another student’s experience that people share. Every single time at the end of the run of the class, my students don’t want it to end because they feel so beautifully held, seen and heard and love witnessing others’ ability to grow, evolve, shift and change. 

Sharing new insights and perspectives with other students going through the same transformation is empowering.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But this is the glory of From Fear Into Love.

It takes you on a big ‘aha’ journey from the first week. You will shift in week one! I can promise you that. 

The next run of From Fear Into Love starts November 7th. It’s a Tuesday and the coaching calls are 7pm – 9 pm UK time. They’re mandatory because that’s where all of the magic happens! You watch the class online and submit minimal homework each week and then come to the call to process and ask questions.

We will be taking two weeks off for the holidays, so the last class call will be January 30th 2024.

I encourage you to empower yourself and join this class. I don’t let just anybody join because you have to be in the right frame of mind to do this kind of deep personal work. 

If this interests you in any way, I would really encourage you to book a mind shift call with me. A 20 minute call, which in itself can give you great ‘aha’ moments whether you work with me or not. 

I want to have the right people in this class for the right reasons. Maybe that’s you?

Perhaps you don’t know what it is that you’re lacking or missing right now and we can have that exploratory conversation to see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

I know this could be the best Christmas present or gift you could give yourself for the rest of your life. I highly encourage you to book a call with me to find out. 

Besides From Fear Into Love, if you’re one of my alumni or you’ve already done a lot of belief work, and self development and you know how Theta Healing works, I highly encourage you to book a call with me if you’re an advanced healer, and you understand this. 

I’m offering an annual advanced coaching programme called Unstoppable You with 42 calls over a year. My alumni graduate into this class if they want to continue to develop.

We’re going to pick apart the 21 main limiting beliefs that Dr. Claire Zammit of Women Centred Coaching has researched intensively. I’m currently training with her to evolve my own coaching skills. Her work takes my work to a more expanded level and takes the belief work that we cover in From Fear Into Love, even deeper. 

There’s two weeks for each belief system and we dive in there and dig out all of those loose ends so that you can absolutely reach your highest potential and have a much deeper understanding of who you are with an unparalleled level of self confidence and not be wondering why you smart, educated, capable, wonderful woman are still feeling stuck! 

So let’s get to the roots of everything this year. Give yourself the gift of the highest level of self awareness. 

The advanced mastery Unstoppable You class, after from Fear Into Love, starts November 13th, Monday’s at 5pm UK time.

Change your Life with the Season. 

Book a complimentary mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see how we can best work together.

Also, be sure to join the Women Being Seen and Heard Facebook group. Please introduce yourselves in the group and send me a private message.

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