How You Love Yourself Affects Others

Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday! A lot of people don’t like it for some reason!

I’ve always loved it. It’s my favourite day because I love, love energy. I always have, even before I knew about all of this energy stuff. And I love sending out love energy. 

The most important person that we can love the most every day, because it’s the most important relationship we have every day, is the relationship we have with ourselves. 

So how are you loving yourself? 

There’s nurturing yourself, but there’s also loving yourself. How you love yourself affects other people too. 

How about you stop taking things so personally? When other people say something, and we take it personally, it doesn’t make us feel good. We end up resenting the other person or being slightly or seriously annoyed with them. 

But until we actually have all of the details and a clear  understanding of why a person has said something or the way they’ve said it, why are we taking it personally when it probably has nothing to do with us? So stop taking things personally. 

How about giving others the benefit of the doubt instead of immediately assuming the worst of the other person? Okay, their behaviour could make you assume the worst because it’s a pattern that you see repeating all of the time, but often that’s not the case.

And when you’re not giving someone else the benefit of the doubt, it’s probably because you’re taking things personally! Essentially you’re perceiving that person coming from a poor or mean intention or from a lack of motivation. Instead, why not hold that space of possibility and allow them to be the best version of themselves? 

Assume they probably didn’t mean the thing they said in the way it came out. Or the way that you perceived it. 

If you’re perceiving something that somebody says in a negative way, guess what, it’s because you’re being triggered about something and you’re taking it personally because it’s triggering you. 

All of these examples are ways that we’re wrapped into that kind of pattern on a day to day basis from unhealed wounds in our childhoods. 

And all of these are ways that we don’t love ourselves. We can say “I love myself,” but if you’re still caught in repeating patterns and triggers that make you feel upset, or that knock you out of your alignment; energetically, when we’re not in alignment, we’re not actively, consciously, connecting to that source love energy power that fuels us. 

What about consciously and out loud because your voice is a vibration, affirming your love for yourself every day? 

Like, I love being abundant in all ways. I am lovable. The world supports me. 

What about loving yourself and giving yourself the benefit of the doubt so that when we make mistakes because we’re humans and we do, you don’t torture yourself for the mistake? If you need to apologise for something then own it and apologise from your heart and then let it go. 

How about not creating drama over nothing? Because when we create drama over nothing, guess what? We don’t like it, it doesn’t feel good and all of the people around us that have to deal with all of that drama don’t feel good either. 

It’s not entertaining. It takes a lot of energy. When really if we just stepped back, rise above, get up to that Condor vision, that bird’s eye view where you can see the whole picture, you’d have clear focus on all of the details below. 

We make these assumptions because of how we were raised when we didn’t have the full picture or know all of the details. 

And really, it’s very easy to get ourselves out of this when we start to think in a different way. When we start to examine what is actually going on underneath the surface at the subconscious level that is still keeping us locked into our repeating patterns. 

So the next run of From Fear Into Love starts on the 27th this month, and if there’s ever been a time for you to finally get a handle on what’s going on in your past so that you can have control over your present and your future, it’s now.

It’s the beginning of the year, wouldn’t you love to have a year in flow so that you can have a deeper understanding of yourself than you ever have had before? 

So that you can start to have wonderful and engaging lovable and playful relationships instead of that constant stress? 

Feel the love and give yourself the love this year that we all deserve every day, all day. Book a 20-minute free mind shift call, let’s have a conversation. 

Maybe the course isn’t the right thing for you, but maybe you want to work one to one? It’s always good to hear another person’s perspective. 

So let’s have that call. I’d love to get to know you. 

PS. Love yourself first and then send love to others.

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