Whose Dream Are You Living?

When I was six, my parents first brought us to England. 

I was sitting in one of those black taxi cabs in the pull down Cinderella seat, in my cute purple travelling outfit, looking out the window watching England click by in the rain. 

In that moment I knew I would live here someday. Fast forward a lifetime later and I find myself still living here. I wouldn’t say it’s all been peaches and cream. 

This certainly wasn’t my country, and I resisted it for many years even though I chose to marry a British person and have Yorkshire lads and raise them and stay here. 

My entire adult life has been in England. But finally, after 35 years, I became a British citizen this past Thursday and it was very moving.

When they said there were 20 people from 16 different countries, I felt the emotion in the room, the joy of other people and my own gratitude. 

This means that finally I can carry the same passport as my children. After living here for the majority of my life, I certainly identify with England more than I do the United States even though that was my birth place and childhood home.

When we think about our identity, and the part of ourselves that we’re embracing and sharing with the world, sometimes we fall into a pattern of taking on the identity, or the persona, profession or  behaviour of what our parents want us to be. 

I had so many friends who went into medical school or became a lawyer because that’s what their parents wanted them to be. Yet they wanted to be an artist, a dancer, an architect. 

Sometimes people go through their whole lives living another identity that they’ve taken on in order to please their parents or live up to an expectation or prove something. 

But tune in to your truth and think about what is your true dream and your authentic desire for you? 

What is it that you want to express and give out to the world? What is that authentic part in your deepest heart that you want to offer to the world? 

This can change! Certainly for me, years ago, I didn’t want to have a British passport. I didn’t want to own this as my country but having had my entire adult life here and living here longer than in America, now of course I want to embrace it as my own. It is my country way much more than any other country I’ve lived in. Five different countries so far. 

Even though it doesn’t change me radically as a person, part of my identity has certainly changed over the years to embrace another culture as my own. 

But it doesn’t have to just be culture. It could be a profession, a career, religion or a spiritual path, a new direction perhaps. 

Whether you want to be an extrovert personality or quiet and introverted. We all change as we grow and learn and find out who we are in our authentic truth. 

So what is your authentic truth? And whose dream are you living?

My authentic truth is that I love to help people shift. I love to help people think in a different way than they have before; in a way that opens their potential. 

I want to help empower people to keep the doors of opportunity and possibility open for them. So many of our opportunities and possibilities haven’t come to us yet, so why close the doors?  They need to remain open to receive all that’s yet to come!

I like to help people get out of confusion and frustration and have clarity and clear communication with other people so that you’re not projecting out or taking things personally.

Helping you find a level of peace within yourself so that you can think positively out in the world and enable your actual energetic vibration that you put out into the world to attract back to you what you truly desire. 

Every time you state what you desire, but then worry about it or secretly doubt it’s truly possible at a deep level, energetically you’re shooting yourself in the foot. 

So how can you get as authentic and true to yourself as you possibly can? 

First you’ve got to know who you are and what container you want to be to hold that vision and feeling of yourself and the version of you that you want to put out into the world. 

Then you’ve got to go in and get deep and honest with yourself to figure out what kind of thoughts and behaviours are not serving you to be that person that you know you have the potential to be.

Who is that version of yourself that allows your heart to sing with joy every single day?

It is a practice because we have so much to un-learn! 

If that interests you contact me, my course is starting again the end of this month, February 27th. You will never think the same way again!

If you’re wondering why you are stuck and keep repeating the same patterns over and over even though you know it’s not good for you; or why you keep saying the same things when you feel the words coming out of your mouth and you’re thinking ‘oh no, come back. Come back! Why do I say that?’ 

When you’re stuck in a repeating loop. When you’re having thoughts that spiral you down instead of lifting you up with joy… if you’re experiencing any of these things I would love to speak with you so we can see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

The first step to inner peace is saying yes to yourself, and start living your dreams.

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, book a call with me, so we can explore what’s holding you back and see if and how my upcoming program can support you.

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