Are You Conscious of Your Energy?

This year I made a commitment to myself to utilise all of the tools that I have in my skill set and to practice on a daily basis.

This year I wanted to up my game and live energetically. Everything in the world is energy, from your thoughts, your laptop, to the chair you sit in. Your cat, the trees around you, all energy. 

Energy is everywhere. Most of us can feel it to one level or another. I thought how would it be to live from that conscious energy space instead of just observing and noticing stuff that’s going on around me? 

There’s a big difference when you are consciously focusing on the energy with the intention that you’re going to put out every day.

People don’t realize that our energy travels around with us and it’s always moving. So if you’re driving to work and somebody cuts you off, and you’re feeling negativity on the road, you might be in a bad mood all day just because of that little interaction.

You might bring the fight that you had with your partner to work with you that day. Equally something wonderful happens and you’re filled with sunshine all day.

You can allow your energy to empower or deplete you simply by being conscious about it.

Start to pay attention, what’s your relationship with the energy around you? 

Even “solid” things like your laptop, your phone, and the things that you’re living with, you have a relationship with them too. 

Do you have a nice easy flow through your house? Are you tripping over things? Do you have a house full of clutter? Or on the other extreme are you OCD and anxious if one thing is out of place?

What’s your energetic connection with things? Are things broken, do things work properly?

I’m very excited because finally, after 35 years of living here in England, I’m going to become a British citizen. 

I’m thrilled about that. Even though I’m still American, I am changing the energy with my American identity by including a British identity too. 

In so doing I’m changing the energy around my relationship with England because for me it feels like I can more fully embrace this country now as my own, even though it has been my own for many, many years. 

But now I don’t have to worry about how many days I’ve been out of the country and finally, I can vote, so if you’re not on the voters register here your credit is affected! Now I can finally have perfect credit. 

And I can at long last have the same passport as my children, which is something that has mattered to me my whole maternal life. And flying into England means I can now join the British queue!

So this is an energy shift that I’m truly celebrating and joyous about. I’m not giving up being American because that’s my fundamental birth self who I’ve always been even though I’ve lived in England longer. 

In fact, my entire adult life has been here so I’m celebrating being British at the ceremony with Bobby my lovely British ex-husband who is the reason I came to this country all those years ago. 

And, thank you, to all the British people for welcoming me as one of your own into your country. However, I don’t think King Charles is going to be there to welcome me! 😂🇬🇧

February 1st is British energy day for me! Think about what kind of energy you’re going to bring into your day when you wake up in the morning. 

What’s your first thought? We have a choice about what kind of energy we want to have. Usually, my first energetic exchange in the morning happens to be with my cat because she’s generally right in my face and she’s cute and purring. So I tend to wake up with loving, cuddly, sweet energy. 

When I’m finally vertical I work out before anything because I know if I don’t work out right then and there, it’s probably not going to happen that day. 

This is one of the ways that I wanted to shift my energy this year, getting my physicality back into an energised, strong state. Because I know myself and I know my patterns, I knew I needed to nip that in the bud first thing before anything else.

So I’m changing my relationship with my commitment to myself. Changing my relationship with my body, with my morning routine, changing my relationship with my workout agenda, and my commitment to it.

Whenever we’re paying attention to our energy, there’s a lot of different levels going on at the same time. 

So even though physically it’s about working out at the moment and feeding my body, of course, I’m also feeding my soul.

Because I love to multitask, I listen to a podcast while I’m working out so that I can also be feeding my brain information, or learning something new. 

Think about what kind of energy you are creating for yourself during the day.  Decide what kind of energy you’d like to feel

We have all of these magic powers inside of us and we don’t utilise even the smallest percentage, but we can, and it’s just a practice.

Seriously, by changing your mindset about what you’re thinking to how you want to think about things, and feel into how you want to feel about things, that will cause a shift in your energy.

If you want to learn about energy and how it works, how it flows through your body, how you have the power to change your energy and get yourself back in alignment, how you have the ability to change your state of being in one hot second, then maybe From Fear Into Love is the course for you?

I’ve pushed back the start date to February 27th, which is a Tuesday. 

This is a 12 week online life changing course with live coaching calls (where the magic happens) and it’s super fun. 

If you’re thinking about how you can up your game, how you can change your trajectory moving forward… maybe you want to have that chat with me?

Choose the energetic connection you want to have with yourself and others this year.

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