Are You Keeping the Doors to Possibilities Open or Closed?

Can you believe we are already coming into the last week of January?

If the year is already going this fast, maybe it’s time to take a moment and consider your mind set.

Come January a lot of people make resolutions. I think that’s not a great idea because perhaps by this time already, you haven’t kept up to it because you’re putting some kind of expectation or pressure on yourself.

How about making a commitment to yourself instead? That feels more intimate and heart based to me, more congruent, and connected to you as a person.

You don’t need to make a commitment about every single aspect of your life. Perhaps only one of your life’s slices of the pie, like your relationship, health, or your finances?

Or maybe you do feel a bigger overhaul is in order and want to combine a few of them together.

When you commit to change one small thing consistently, you change your vibration and it does affect all of the other areas of your life.

I started the year sick unfortunately, I had that coughing thing that many people had, but I was vertical and up and ready to go after two weeks on January 5th.

January 6th, I realised there’s about 12 weeks until my younger son’s wedding and that’s a perfect time to get fit for that.

I started exercising at home, a few little things here and there because just a little bit consistently all adds up and makes a big difference.

I’m not keen on exercise — I’ve had those years in the gym and hot yoga, but that’s not where I’m at now.

I’m being very consistent because I’ve found a way that works for me.

That of course led me back to the healthy diet again. I mean the silver lining of being sick, was that I didn’t overindulge over the holidays.

I think after you’re sick you want to be clean and healthy in every way. So I’ve kept that healthy vein going too.

That is a commitment to myself because I have a goal that isn’t too far in the future. It’s something that’s very attainable and coming up quickly.

If you have a goal to look forward to, it’s easier in a short amount of time to reach that goal than if it’s stretched out like your five year goal. You might lose your mojo about that.

The other wonderful and highly enjoyable thing I’ve begun to do every day is keeping a gratitude journal.

Every night I write down “I AM…” because that’s your vibration of who you are and the vibration that you’re putting out into the world. ‘Not that I hope to be or I want this to be like this or I really wish it would be like this…’ No, I AM like it’s happening now.

I am grateful for 10 things. I write, “I am grateful for.…”each time, not just once and list a bunch of stuff.

When I look what I’ve written I’ve easily spilled out 12, 13 sometimes 15 things. One night I had 20 — It was a really good day!

You can be grateful for the smallest things like, I’m grateful I have a dishwasher because I really like my nails, to, I’m grateful for my massage person gifting me a free massage over Christmas. How lovely was that?

I can also be grateful for my mindset. I’m grateful for my consciousness. I’m grateful for what I’m calling in as though it’s happening now. I’m grateful for the people that I touch, the people that I help heal, the people that receive me, the people that I love and that love me. I’m grateful for my connections and my relationships.

It doesn’t have to be something that happened during the day. Because your voice is a vibration that you’re putting out to the universe, I read out loud what I wrote the night before.

Often once I say I’m so grateful for whatever it is I then write why, because someday I’ll look back on this journal and I’ll think ‘okay, that’s random.’ Or I’ll have a name of somebody in there, and I’ll say why I’m grateful for that person because that also bumps up that feeling energy of the vibration that you want to give out to the world.

This is such a great ‘feel good’ exercise to do last thing at night because you go to bed feeling blessed. Look at all of these amazing things that I’m grateful for!

And guess what? You can even be grateful for the contrast, and the resistance or the challenging things that are happening because these moments of toughness or upset during your day are your gifts of self awareness.

These are the things that tell you ‘I really need to go within and work on this. This is a this is an area where I can grow. This is an area where I can evolve. This is an area where I can open my mind and be allowing instead of closing all of the doors to possibility.’

I’m enjoying my new commitment to myself and my journal is filling up fast. I highly encourage you to change one small thing this year, even if you haven’t started yet. If you set a resolution, reframe it into a commitment to yourself.

Maybe the small thing you might change this year is that you’re going to be more allowing, more forgiving, more open to opportunities.

Maybe you want more connections with people, deeper relationships, better health, more work/play balance.

I would love to connect with you!

My next run of From Fear Into Love is beginning Tuesday, February 13th, and I would love to invite you to book a call with me.

People don’t book a free 20 minute mind shift call because of fear. And imagined limitations like:

1) ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to talk to her because she’s going to hard sell me!’

Well, first of all, I’m not going to hard sell you on anything. That’s not the way I work, and it’s not my style.

2) ‘I already know it’s way too expensive. So I’m not going to do it.’

That’s literally closing the doors to opportunity.

I’m currently in Joanna Hunter’s Millionaire in a Year programme. It was a no brainer to join, literally $25. And I already earned that back in her affiliate program.

I want to shift my perspective about money. Not a lot of it is new information for me, as I’ve done a huge amount of abundance belief work already, but it’s really good to be reminded consistently and she’s a very smart woman.

Sometimes she comes out with amazing beliefs that need to be re-read. A good one to think about which was from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, is that a poor person will ask, ‘How much does it cost?’ And the answer might be $2,000. And they’ll say, ‘Oh no. I can’t afford it.’ Boom, doors closed.

Whereas a wealthy person will ask, ‘How much will it make me?’ If the investment is $2,000, and the reply is $2,100. The wealthy person might say, ‘No, not worth the investment.’

But say the answer is ‘It’ll make you $10,000′ or ‘It’ll reframe your thinking and give you immediately applicable tools and improve every aspect of your life and your relationships’ (like From Fear Into Love does) or some other amazing benefit.

And the wealthy person will say, ‘All right, that is priceless. Yes, that’s worth my investment. Let’s find a way to make this work.’ Same principle, they are both asking about the investment but the wealthy person has kept their options open, just by asking a different question.

The poor person closed off their opportunities because they already decided they couldn’t do it.

If you’re in the mindset where you think you can’t do it, well, guess what? You’re going to be right! Because that’s the energy you’re putting out.

Whereas if you put out the energy of everything’s possible, then you’re opening up doors of opportunity and possibilities, because you don’t know what’s coming to you around the corner.

Even if that’s one change you can make this year, I would really invite you to do that. Ask a better question. Keep your doors of opportunities and possibilities open.

Because then you’re able to receive all of those wonderful opportunities and possibilities that so far you don’t know are coming to you!

If your doors of possibility are closed, you’re never going to receive the opportunities that from your current perspective you cannot see.

Want to allow in possible opportunities? Create new outcomes in your life? Break old patterns? Let’s have a chat.

I love meeting people who are following me in my groups, and who read my newsletters and my blogs. I love to meet new people.

I love to see where you’re at and have a conversation because it’s so exciting and inspiring to meet people.

It’s fantastic to have an ‘aha’ moment and a bit of a mind shift. Maybe we work together or maybe we don’t? That’s all the call is about. Isn’t it worth keeping your doors of possibilities open to get all the facts before making a decision?

Make this year your best by committing to yourself in some small way and make the change to stay congruent and consistent.

And definitely keep your doors to opportunities and possibilities open!

So much love to you. 💜

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