What’s The Vibration That You Most Desire To Emit?

What’s the vibration that you most desire to emit?

Who do you desire to be?

How do you want the world to receive you?

How do you want to be in the world?

From your viewpoint right now, what’s the highest potential you can imagine for yourself? Before we can manifest anything, we need to have a desire for something that we want to attract to us and call in.

Then we need to focus on that but not just with our brains, we need to feel it.

We need it to feel it in every cell of our body. In our hearts, in our guts, in our souls. And we need to behave as though that is already happening, as though that desire is already true for us.

Because if we have a vague background feeling of ‘I’m not worthy,’ or ‘I don’t really deserve that,’ or ‘this isn’t really going to happen for me,’ well, then that is the energy that you’re putting out.

How we feel is the vibration that we emit. And that’s what the law of attraction responds to. So what’s the main vibration that you desire to emit?

I do my very best day to day to live by divinity, alignment, and joy.

Some of those are umbrella subjects where a lot of different things line up under them. But let me tell you what I mean by these principles.

Divinity, for me, means that everything is Divine. You’ve heard of divine timing, right? And you can see that even in your own life, you can look back and think, ‘wow, that happened at exactly the right time!’ Or when you meet someone and there isn’t really a click, but then you re-meet the same person at another time and there’s a deep connection. That’s divine timing.

For me, the truth is that everything happens for a good reason, so it is all divine. Even if there’s conflict. Daily conflict.

Tragedy is not Divine, but how you deal with it, can be.

If there’s conflict and I get triggered, that’s divine because it’s letting me know that I need to do some personal internal work on whatever it is that I’m being triggered about.

Or if there’s resistance, it lets me know that I need to possibly address that with another person, or it lets me know that I need to look into the deeper reasons within myself and find out what is holding me back from doing what it is that I desire.

Everything is information. So if you can live your life understanding that everything is divine, then everything takes a more positive slant. And of course, when you’re emitting positive energy, more positive energy comes back to you.

Being grounded falls into the alignment category. A lot of people think that as long as ‘I’m thinking positively and putting out good thoughts,’ I’m in alignment.

Certainly your mindset is going to help a lot in your alignment. But if your energy flow, your energy body, your chakras, the way your energy works, is out of whack or something’s blocking you or there’s an entity, either a spirit from a dead person or a crystallised entity that is stuck in you somewhere and blocking or interrupting your energy flow, you might still feel stuck.

Or you may feel exhausted, even though intellectually you know that you’re positive and moving forward. But we try to move forward and we’re thinking ‘I’m stuck, I’m stuck’ and that’s because your energy is out of alignment. It’s off centre and you’re wondering why you can’t move forward.

The daily practice is about pulling in all of those fragmented parts to keep yourself in alignment. Every day I take the Palo Santo, my wood from Peru, (but you can use a smudge stick — in fact, you can even just use your hands) and spin my chakras to keep my energy flowing in the right direction.

I notice if I’m feeling tired for some reason. Most people have a low ebb during the day, mine is always around three thirty in the afternoon and I have an OMI mat which has copper coils in it and it emits out the Earth’s energy and it empowers me to feel more energised or helps me, if I put it on a low vibration pulse, to sleep better.

You need to pay attention to what your energy is doing and how that feels because it’s part of your alignment. First step is how we think: what is going on in my mind? Am I thinking negative thoughts? Am I having judgmental thoughts? Am I making meaning about things before I have all of the pieces of the puzzle? That’s something humans are prone to doing — creating entire dramas based on next to nothing!

Am I taking things personally that other people have said? Am I just getting annoyed at the world at large just because of the system? All of these things contribute to the way that we think. The way that you think can help you spiral up into alignment, or can push you down the spiral and out of alignment.

The other one is joy. The question I ask myself most of the time every day is ‘does this bring me joy? Does this bring me joy?’ And if I get a resounding NO, I stop and look at that and think why am I going to do it?

Sometimes the jobs that I have to do, like tech and back office work, I don’t like doing that kind of stuff. So I ask, ‘Will the outcome bring me joy?’ because some things we still have to do right?

So will the outcome of doing it bring me joy? I don’t know anybody who loves to clean out the cat litter box, but the outcome of a clean litter box certainly is more joyful than one that needs attention, for example.

I think all of this falls into the even bigger concept of self love. We must put our self love first. Selfish has become such a negative word, but you have to be self first because if you don’t love yourself first, how can you be fully available for anybody else?

Loving yourself first, nurturing yourself and seeing that you are in Divine Alignment and Joy every day, is self love.

And that’s being the person that you desire to be.

So think about the vibration, because we’re all vibration and energy. Think about the vibration that you want to put out into the world. Because that’s going to be what the world reflects back to you.

If you’re putting out negative, skeptical or judgmental energy and you’re expecting joy, happiness and flow to come back at you, that’s like looking in the mirror and expecting a different reflection than yourself looking back at you.

The world, the universe, mirrors what we put out. And what we put out is our vibrational energy. And that is created by feeling and stepping into the being of who we really desire to be.

Because our energy doesn’t know the difference between what we’re seeing as “reality” and what we’re imagining is possible.

It’s time to pull on your best imagination cap just like we did when we were kids, and create the life that you dream about having.

I love you all so much. Happy imagining!

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