Learn To Love Yourself Completely

People talk about self love, and maybe even practice it on a daily basis. “I love myself, I nurture myself. I have positive loving thoughts…” but self love goes much deeper than that. 

Every moment that we have any kind of doubt, and I’m talking about those fleeting moments of doubt that often go unobserved or unnoticed in ourselves, but we feel it somewhere in our being, a little twinging moment of “oh, why am I thinking that? Why is my head going to that place?” 

All of those moments are not moments of self love. Those are moments of self doubt, of self judgement, stories that we’ve created for ourselves because of our life experiences, because of the way that we’ve always responded to things. 

For the most part, these stories are not true. They’re just scenarios that we’ve created in our mindset over and over that it’s become our “truth” so that we believe them. 

But actually, the truth of the matter is that we are here to experience joy and to be loved and to be lovable; to matter and to be seen and heard, to be enough and to be received. 

And so if you look at an innocent baby and see all of the beauty and joy in that baby and love, honour, nurture and adore that baby or your creature, your dog, your cat, your lizard, whatever creature it is that you have, that you adore, why do we give all of that amplification and love, projecting perfection onto that other person or being when really, we need to start at home? 

You need to love yourself the most, unconditionally. And whenever you’re meeting any kind of resistance, any doubt, any negative feelings or shame, blame and guilt, these are things that you’re creating for yourself.

It’s hard to have to take responsibility for all of your thoughts and all of your feelings, but basically we are the vessel of our existence and so whatever is going on for us, in our mind, in our feelings, in our emotions, in our guts, is what we create. 

Our perceptions are what we choose to create. So to break your way of thinking when you’ve been thinking a certain way your whole life, it takes a bit of awareness and a certain amount of practice. 

This is an ongoing thing and depending on where you are on your journey of self discovery, depends where you start. 

I have some offerings: From Fear Into Love is a 12 week online class with one weekly mandatory Zoom call where all the magic happens. 

This class will help you change the way that you receive information. It will help you change the way that you communicate. It will help you change your perspective on things. Things that you might currently receive as negative, you’ll have a whole new outlook on them and realise, “Wow, this is so simple. Why didn’t I start thinking this way before?” 

Because it is basically simple. The concepts are simple, the practice of it is about changing our habits. The way we think is also a habit. But because we’ve learned things a certain way from what our parents said and didn’t say to us and what our parents modelled and didn’t model to us, we can unlearn them too. From Fear Into Love also teaches you about how to keep your bodies energy flowing in the right direction and how to keep it in balance.

The other offering I have if you’re further along in your path of self development or if indeed you already have gone through my From Fear Into Love course is: Unstoppable You – Unpicking Your Hidden Stories. 

This class is based around 21 core patterns that are at a subconscious level that are still keeping you stuck. We delve deep underneath the surface triggers, go underneath the fleeting thoughts that are going on behind us. 

We examine what’s really going on. And what’s the secondary gain that is keeping you attached to these patterns? So if you really want to have the most freeing year of your life and start to identify who you are and start to break your patterns, create new boundaries, and create new stories for yourself so that you can show up in the way that you know you have the potential to be, this is the class for you.  It’s a rolling class, one Zoom call a week 42 weeks out of the year, your year starts when you begin.

We have all of the power to change whatever it is that we need to change within ourselves to create the identity, persona and being from the authentic truth of who we are and show up the way we want to be seen and received. 

If you really want to change the way that you feel about things so that you can experience the world in a more joyful way, be received better in the way that you feel your intentions are being delivered, but you don’t feel that people are really getting it, then book a call with me.

Book a free mind shift call. https://bit.ly/SOMindshift 

It’s 20 minutes, you could have a big ‘aha’ in that moment. I’d love to find the right people to work with because we want to have a good dance together and the people that I do work with, love their new way of thinking and being because it is life changing. Once you learn something, seeds of awareness cannot be unplanted. 

It’s up to you to nurture and nourish them to make them grow, but a lot can change in one hot minute. 

If you’re ready for the best and most freeing year of your life and want to unpick all of those patterns that are holding you back, let’s have that chat. I really look forward to hearing from you and Happy New Year. Lots of love.

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