Has Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety Got You Down?

Has stress, overwhelm or anxiety got you down? I am so blessed that I have the great opportunity to meet with amazing, awesome, educated, powerful women on a regular basis and yet, I am still hearing their limiting beliefs! Imposter Syndrome is still showing up! The feeling of not being good enough, not believing they […]

Communicating Effectively Helps Us Show Up Authentically

One of the ways that we keep ourselves small is by not communicating effectively or specifically. We don’t say exactly what we mean, instead intimating or insinuating.  How do we expect to be received the way we want to be received if we can’t speak our actual truth?  When my son was a teenager, permanently […]

Women Being Seen And Heard

The reason why I started my new public Facebook group Women Being Seen And Heard is because most of the women I’ve ever spoken to in my life at some point in time have felt like they have not been seen truly for who they are, and that they have not been heard.  As a […]

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