Has Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety Got You Down?

Has stress, overwhelm or anxiety got you down?

I am so blessed that I have the great opportunity to meet with amazing, awesome, educated, powerful women on a regular basis and yet, I am still hearing their limiting beliefs!

Imposter Syndrome is still showing up! The feeling of not being good enough, not believing they have gifts to offer, not being smart enough, not feeling qualified enough, not even knowing where the path is that they want to take. 

I’ve been in those states in my life too, but there is a way out of this kind of negative thinking. 

The first thing we really want to do is shift the stress response within our bodies and energy so that we can step into lasting, creative, resourceful and energised well-being. 

Doesn’t that sound good? Wouldn’t you love to feel like that every day? Knowing you can access that resourceful part of yourself and get out of whatever funk you’re in. 

Get yourself out of apathy or start to feel more inspired or motivated. Or how about making an incredible irreversible shift in your relationship with your own self care so that you can achieve daily balance and feel calm, be in flow and have better communication with all of your loved ones, but most importantly with yourself? Every day.

Because when we have self alignment and the ability to converse with ourselves and with our higher selves, we have more clarity because we have understanding of how we tick, why we respond the way we do or react the way we do. 

And when you start to understand the root causes of things then you have more power over your response mechanisms. 

And when you can start to consciously and actively engage with your neural pathways in your brain, which hold all of our subconscious behavioural beliefs then you have a better ability to manage your emotions. 

Doesn’t that sound fun? 

In about a month’s time, I’m going to be launching a new group coaching programme which I think I’m calling ‘Seven Factors to Flourish,’ because it’s a seven step process. 

It’s not rocket science. It’s really easy actually. 

Where people get stuck is in the practising, taking the tools that we all know and have and applying them to ourselves in the day to day. So why group coaching is so empowering and powerful.  

When you regularly meet with other women who are in the same or similar boat, not only does it hold you accountable, but brainstorming naturally happens and you hear other perspectives.  When we regularly see the brilliance in others it helps us own it in ourselves.

If this interests you, I’d really love to hear from you because I’m looking for beta testers to join my new programme and see if this is the right programme for you. 

I’ll be offering this at a at a huge discount. So if you’re interested in beta testing, I’d love to invite you for a discovery interview with me, private one to one so that we can have a chat and see if you’d be right for this kind of programme. 

I really look forward to hearing from all of you. I love helping women find a way out of our stressors so that we can have better control of our lives and feel good every day in everything that we do.

Book a complimentary mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see how we can best work together.

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