This TOO Shall Pass!

Do you feel like you have so much to do, and so little time to do it all? How could you possibly have time for self-care, time to meditate, take a hot bath, or have a meal (let alone a healthy one), or to hydrate properly? 

Over the last several weeks, I have been preparing to move and many times, I have wondered how it would all get done and comforted myself with “this too shall pass”. 

Tonight is my last night in my old house. Here I sit, surrounded by the remaining boxes, empty bookshelves, and bare walls, reflecting and realizing, all I have accomplished – I’ve managed to run my business, pack and prepare for this move, orchestrate a number of furniture transactions, pickups, deliveries, painters, movers and still had time to enjoy time with friends over the weekend…And, each day, regardless of my to-do list, I have made it a priority to take time to self-care along the way, meditating daily, a hot bath every night, nutritious meals, and asking for help when needed. 

This self-care first plan allowed me to stay in alignment and as a result, what could have stressed me out, has gone much smoother and calmer than it would have had I not made time for myself first!

Feeling we do not have time for self-care is a LACK mentality and that energy only attracts more shortage consciousness. But, when we care for ourselves first, we are in alignment, and we become better equipped energetically to be our best selves in all we do. 

When we make self-care our default mode, it shifts the DOing into BEing. When we are in alignment, things get done with ease and flow. There is no efforting required, things all come together. 

So, it seems the real question is how do you NOT have time for self-care?! 

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