What’s the Level of Commitment You Have to Yourself for Your Ability to Change?

What’s the level of commitment you have to yourself for your ability to change? 

What’s your vision? You mean you don’t have one? 

In order to change we’ve got to have a vision of who we want to be and of what we think our highest potential is going to be. 

But often, we aim too low. We set our goals too low, especially women. And that’s maybe out of fear or scarcity because we don’t think that we’ll be able to access that potential of our vision that secretly we have for ourselves. 

When I look back on my life, I see all of those opportunities that I didn’t take, all of those jobs I didn’t put myself out for because of fear that I might not be good enough for it, or that I might not succeed. Well, what would have happened if I had done it? Maybe I would have succeeded.


But I’ll never know now because I didn’t do it. 

So when you start to go on a path of self development, self evolution, awareness, self actualization, coming into who you really are, you drop that old perspective of yourself; the perspective that you formed when you were just a little kid when you didn’t have the full picture of what’s going on. 

We’re all capable people, capable women. Most of us have a vision, something that we desire, that we want to bring into being. There’s something that we want to birth whether it’s our creativity in making something, whether it’s raising independent secure children or a job that we want to do our very best at, or if we’re entrepreneurial, making our own business succeed.

Maybe we want to help people shift or perhaps we just want to live a simple, joyous, content life free from drama. Whatever your vision is, you’ve got to have that front and center and you’ve got to fully see it and feel it in your heart and in all of your cells, in every part of your being, so that you can tap into that and imagine it happening and let it come to you. 

But then there’s that quiet, unspoken part of you that you just can’t put your finger on and you’re wondering, why? What am I missing? What am I lacking? Everything in life is okay. It’s pretty good. I feel okay for the most part, but why am I still being triggered? Why am I still feeling anxious? Why am I still fearful? Why am I not trusting that everything is really going to work out for me? Why am I stuck in my old behaviour patterns? 

You don’t need to be. These are all subconscious programmed choices that we made when we were small, and then we keep repeating them because that’s become our default energy. 

And what your default energy is, is exactly what you’re going to put out into the world and attract back to you. So you keep creating the same circumstances and the same patterns. You might not see them as patterns, because different situations, different people, and scenarios don’t appear to be the same, but the underlying feelings and behaviours are patterns, and they’re all connected and they’re not necessarily good for you. 

In fact, they’re probably holding you back in life. So wouldn’t you love to break through those sabotaging repeating patterns? 

In From Fear Into Love, my 12-week online course, it’s absolutely amazing and satisfying to see my students really do the work. And as a result, they shift and have big ‘aha’ moments or even just small ‘aha’ moments, because one ‘aha’ moment can change your whole perspective, your whole way of how you view the world, your relationships with others, and of how you view your past self.

All of the retreats and courses that I have gone on in my life besides learning new skill sets and gaining more self awareness were so that I could push my comfort zone out there and see where I really am now at this phase of life because we are growing and evolving all the time. 

We want to have a current fresh perspective. My old self of who I was and my behaviour in my 30s doesn’t resonate with who I am now. So when I shed that old identity, the way a snake sheds its skin in one fell swoop, it allows me to be who I’m going to be now in this current state.

What is good for me now, what can I call in now with my life experience and wisdom? What can I access now with all of my training and knowledge? 

These are questions all of us need to be asking ourselves all of the time, because we’re leaving undiscovered areas in ourselves and those are the parts that are keeping us stuck in fear and not allowing us to move forward. 

We can call in our biggest and wildest dreams. And they will come to us if we’re receiving, asking, exploring, and releasing all of the old stuff, subconsciously or otherwise. 

This is the kind of stuff that I teach and facilitate and help people do and it’s really empowering. Wouldn’t you love to be empowered, and really find out that unspoken, invisible thing that’s holding you back? 

I do this work all the time and life keeps getting better and better and I’d love to help you make your life better too.

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