Chunk Down Overwhelm

You know when you’ve got so much to do, you don’t do anything?

Lots of women that I speak with are in a place of overwhelm and it’s kind of like fight or flight because there is just so much to do all the time. 

All of the facets of keeping it together, shining bright, being our best selves, all of the things we need to do just to keep life in order, nag away at us.

Home life, taking care of partner and kids, or running your own business, meeting friends or keeping up with your community, or keeping your health and fitness in order – all of the balls that we have to juggle! 

Overwhelm is because we’re looking at the whole bigger picture and we need to chunk it down. 

Years ago when I was attempting to write my first book, I had all of these ideas, but I didn’t know where to start. Bobby Baby, as you all know, my lovely ex-husband, had already written a book and he asked me how long I wanted it to be. I told him the number of pages and he said, “Okay, then each chapter needs to be about 10 pages. So you need 15 chapters to fulfill this. When he chunked everything down for me and gave me one chapter to deal with, only 10 pages, not a whole book, it was much easier to finally start.

It’s the same thing with all of our life list of priorities. Think about your top three priorities, what are the three most pressing things that you need to do? 

Last night, I was thinking about my top three priorities and yeah, there are three, but actually one of the priorities was a big priority. So I decided to count that as one. 

Take the pressure off of yourself so that you can finally start because so many people that I speak with haven’t moved on from where they were last year. Still stuck, still wondering what to do. Still feeling trapped, and that’s because they haven’t taken action, or they’ve only taken a small amount of action, and it’s probably because of all the pressure of everything weighing down on top of them. 

If you chunk everything down into smaller bite sized pieces, and accomplish one thing every day, then eventually you’re going to get through your list, and then you’ll get things done. 

This is part of how we self nurture and take care of ourselves because we’re all trying to do it all alone. 

But in order to become our greatest success, to reach our self potential, to self actualize, we can’t do it alone. We need to collaborate with other women. We need to have feedback, input and sometimes from a few different sources. 

Ideally, we all ought to have a coach or a shaman. Hello! 

Whoever you’re talking to for mentoring, you can get different feedback and that light bulb moment comes on in different ways from different people. A different idea comes back to you from the universe because you’re you in a different day, time space reality.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you need help. Admitting that you need help is not a weakness. This is a strength. Find somebody to collaborate with. 

Book a call with me. This is what I help people do. It’s much easier to see other people’s issues and where they’re stuck than looking at your own stuff. Plus, I look at my own stuff all the time, yet I also have a coach and mentor.

That’s how you evolve and get out of your stickiness. Get yourself a coach. Find somebody to brainstorm and sit with and talk about your dreams and what you want to create next because it also creates a container of accountability. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t make a choice or decision or start a project then call somebody and tell your story and get some feedback, get another perspective that’s going to help you move forward faster than anything. 

I’m here for you to do that with and I’d really love to hear from each of you and see what you want to create. What can we envision together to create a wonderful way forward? Something that’s a win-win for you in all aspects of your life. I’d love to help you tap into that vision and shine your brightest light.

Book a complimentary mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see how we can best work together.

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