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Are you feeling sluggish, overwhelmed, or out of balance? Maybe you’re feeling stuck or like you have no motivation despite the beautiful summer weather at the moment? 

Your energy could be out of alignment. Chances are your chakras are not in balance. 

Maybe you’re wondering what on earth is a chakra? Chakra’s are energy vortexes. We have seven main chakras in our body, (but there are hundreds) and if our energy isn’t flowing properly, we can get stuck. It affects our actual literal existence. 

There are also a lot of belief systems that we have going on in our brains, in our neural pathways, that are subconscious for the most part and could be holding us back. Our belief systems directly connect with each of our chakras. 

Our root chakra, for example, where everything begins, is all about safety and survival. It’s also about your house and how things are functioning around you; the order in your life. 

If you have any issues where things are breaking, or not flowing, 

or if you’re feeling achy in your bones it could mean that your root chakra is out of balance. 

The body parts that our root chakra supports are the bones, colon, feet, knees, and legs. So if you’re feeling achy, you could simply be needing an energy balance or a clearing. 

We hold all of our belief systems in our minds subconsciously in our bodies, and in our cells and so because we are body, mind and spirit everything works together holistically. 

I offer one-to-one sessions on Zoom or in person. I’m based in Ilkley in West Yorkshire if you’re anywhere near here, you can certainly come by and see me.

I work with you one-on-one to discover what your limiting root beliefs are to see what you’re holding on to that you are not aware of. We all have limiting subconscious beliefs.  We want to release those so that you can create a new more positive belief. Stop being stuck and bound to repeating behavioural habits, basically, patterns that are keeping you where you’re at. 

When you lay on my table I can clear your energy and make sure all of your chakras are functioning and balancing together and make sure that all of the energy in your body is working properly.

We have a huge egg of energy all around us and through us. In fact, we are energy.  Maybe somebody close to you has died recently and your whole life has just stopped, not just from grief but other things feel strange. 

I know it might sound weird, but sometimes when people die they don’t actually go to the light they zip into somebody that they’re close to. They don’t know that they’re doing that but usually it’s just because they’re afraid of dying or they’ve been in an accident so they don’t know they’ve died or they just want to keep an eye on their other family members. 

If you’re hosting the spirit of somebody who has passed, that’s not good for you because you can eventually take on all of the issues that they had. It might sound strange, but it’s not as strange as you think. That seems to be my specialty – we call it entity removal in the shamanic world. 

If you think that you’re suffering from anything weird that you can’t put your finger on, then maybe it’s time for a healing session. Wouldn’t you love to feel unstoppable?  Have a deeper connection to yourself, your partner, kids, and friends.  A better understanding of why you get triggered?

Maybe it’s time to get a different perspective. I’m very good at finding out what’s not being said and what’s not being tuned into. The energy work is extremely empowering along with the belief work. 

If you’re feeling like you need some help so that you can move forward and get on with this last part of the year, then please book a call with me and let’s meet up and let me help you be the best that you can be.

Book a complimentary mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see how we can best work together.

Also, be sure to join the Women Being Seen and Heard Facebook group. Please introduce yourselves in the group and send me a private message.

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