Yearning to Self Actualise?

We’re all strong, powerful, capable women. But when we’re yearning to self actualise what holds us back are our core limiting beliefs. 

They prevent us from manifesting what we most want to create, and what we most desire in our lives. 

We really need to shift out of that shame, lack, and isolation into presence, connection, growth, and our power. 

My mentor, Dr. Claire Zammit talks about being brilliant and imperfect at the same time, which I think is wonderful because we are!

In our lives, we might be awesome in some areas, while other areas are lacking. 

Maybe it’s that we don’t know our life purpose or calling?

Perhaps we’re not great at communicating effectively or efficiently, which underpins good boundaries too.

Maybe what’s missing is a deeper connection to our spiritual source, our connection to God or Universal Intelligence. 

Or perhaps it’s just relationships in general. 

Our health could be challenging us, or our finances… 

Another brilliant thing she talks about is that in order to be empowered, you don’t have to feel empowered! 

We want to get to the place of self leadership so that even if everything around us is spiralling down, we don’t have to be the victim of that. 

And we can’t do that alone. 

In order to expand our creative power we need to expand our capacity to give and receive. We need to be able to collaborate with others. Connect with others and reach out and ask for help. 

We can’t do this alone. That’s why it’s a really good idea to have a coach. 

So isn’t it time to show up with authentic confidence as the most self actualised version of yourself? 

I’d really love to help facilitate that process for you.

Very soon I’ll be launching different coaching programmes, one about body confidence, and another about digging into our 21 most limiting blocks. 

I’ll also be teaching some ancestral workshops in person and online. There’s so much new stuff coming up!

And if you’re interested in really tapping into your innermost truth and creativity to find that most resourceful space, which you already have for most of the areas in your life, but uncovering that issue that’s missing – I’d really love to have a call with you so that we can have a talk and find out what is the gap. 

What’s the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? 

Let’s create a beautiful dance together so that we can get there and reach our highest potential together. 

Book a call with me and together let’s focus on transforming out of past old ways and patterns of being to create a new future.

Book a complimentary mind shift call so that we can have a chat and see how we can best work together.

Also, be sure to join the Women Being Seen and Heard Facebook group. Please introduce yourselves in the group and send me a private message.

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