Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life: The Key To Success

We’ve all heard people complaining about the system, the government, their circumstances, and how other people made them feel a certain way.

When we hear that, or when we find ourselves doing the same thing, we are giving away our power to conditions outside of ourselves.

Often, they don’t even have anything to do with us. Or we have zero control over it.

If you want to empower yourself, the way through is going within to take responsibility for your thoughts, because otherwise you’re a victim. 

You’re a victim of the government, you’re a victim of the circumstances and of what that person said, that “made you feel” a certain way. 

You make you feel a certain way. 

If you’re taking everything personally even stuff that people are directing at you, at the end of the day, it is still just their opinion.

What they say does not make it your truth. 

If it’s annoying, look at that as a great gift because that’s a trigger and now you can be aware of what you’ve still got to work on.

If you’re feeling upset about something, think about what is your truth. 

The first way to empower yourself is to start taking responsibility for your choices.

Your choices start with how you think. 

Say for example, on the physical level, you want to get stronger. So you go to the gym, you start lifting weights, you’re taking responsibility to train your muscles to work in a better way so that you can build strength.

Same thing if you want to lose weight, you start making different choices about the food that you put in your mouth, you might start exercising more. 

If you want to learn a new skill, you make a choice to enhance your knowledge about something. 

But what about our day to day life – how you feel about the world in general? 

The mass generalisations we make keep us stuck, keep us small and keep us contained in that small box – our uncomfortable “comfort” zone. 

It’s not really comfortable because you’re not feeling that expansive ignited passion within yourself. 

I knew somebody who used to take everything personally. I mean the most random thing you could say he would twist that around and make it about him and take it personally. It was really quite fascinating to watch. 

Most of the time just realise that the things that you’re taking personally don’t really have anything to do with you.

And the world condition, there is a way to change that for yourself. You can go out there and be an activist if you actually want to put your stake in the ground and make active change. 

But if you’re not an activist and you’re not going to embrace that, that’s fine, but you can change the way you’re thinking about it. 

You can change the way you’re speaking about it because when you change that, it changes your energetic attachment to things. 

It cleans up your energy so that you’re not constantly focusing on the negative that’s dragging you down all of the time and adding to you feeling helpless and hopeless.

When you start to change your relationship with your energy around things, with your attachment to things, your energy starts to expand and rise up and you start to feel better in every aspect of your life.

Because the vibe that you’re putting out touches every slice of your life’s pie. It touches all of your relationships, how you communicate with people, the energy you give off, so opportunities start coming to you. 

Your happiness factor is contagious and of course we know that all of those wonderful chemicals are released in our brain when we’re happy and so we start to make better choices about what we eat. We get over bad habits. 

We put more energy into the things that we’re passionate about, our abundance increases, our friendships get better, our communities expand.

Your energy touches every aspect of your life when you are thinking happy, positive thoughts and when you’re in alignment with the bigger picture of what you want to create in your life. 

I would highly encourage you all to get out of the blame game. 

Because it doesn’t matter what’s happening out there. 

The only thing that matters is what’s happening inside yourself.

How are you choosing to respond to it? How long do you want to feel crap? I personally don’t want to wallow in that for any longer than I need to. 

Grief is different. We need to grieve. Feeling sad is a fundamental part of the process as well as all the other stages. 

I’m talking about your day to day basic feelings about life and stuff. 

What are you looking at that pisses you off out there in the world? Things that annoy you, things that upset you? 

Stop for a moment and ask yourself why? 

How could you choose a better feeling thought about something? 

This is the way to empower yourself by changing your thinking. 

If you think that you need some help around that – because so many people are largely unaware of what’s going on in their minds –  that monkey chatter, creating entire scenarios about something that hasn’t even happened yet, projecting doom and gloom, are you?

Are you filled with doubt, fear, dread, blame, feeling lost?

Where are you in your relationship with your thoughts in your head? 

Where are you in your relationship to the things outside of yourself? 

Are you still blaming others? 

Are you still thinking you can’t move forward because of that person, that circumstance?

If so, then it’s time to book a call. Really, we need to have a chat. Let’s help you break that chain of thinking so that you can be self empowered and move forward to your next goals.

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