Your Energy Needs To Flow For Optimal Health

My kid, my 30 year old baby, just came to see me feeling quite unwell. He was wearing a mask.

We’re all about to leave to Sri Lanka for his wedding. 

This is the kid that I use when I want to do an energy extraction with somebody from a distance. He’s my surrogate because he’s a big, strong guy. He’s self assured and non toxic. He knows himself well. 

His energy is big and usually very clear, but here he is suddenly womped on with illness. There is stuff going around as usual. 

But he’s also got a brand new job this year, which he just started in January. And although their wedding is completely organised because he’s marrying, who we like to call “Monica,” for fun – colour coded and organised like from Monica from Friends. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to do in the run up.

They’re both really excited about that. 

But anytime you’re about to travel anywhere, you’re in that bow wave, which is the bow of a boat creating the wave before the boat even goes through the wave. 

The wave is already there even on a calm sea. The ripple of energy. And even though travel is fun, getting married is exciting, there’s a lot of stuff to organise. 

They don’t want to forget anything. They want to make sure they have all of their stuff in order. 

So, obviously his defences are going to be down now. 

When you’re stressed what happens? Your body contracts, constricts and your energy doesn’t flow properly. 

So I invited him to lay on my table. I have an OMI mat that has copper coils in it and it sends out energy, like the Earth’s energy and it can help revive you and feel better and get your energy moving. I do much of my very successful distant healing work from there.

But while he was laying there, I thought I would just look at his energy. And no surprise but he was completely blocked up.

I worked on him so that whatever he’s got in him can flow through and out of him.

This energetic flow is the same concept that gets skewed when we think we need to put a big barrier of protection around us.

Whenever you see a big wall, or energetic block, your curiosity gets piqued. You want to look over the wall! 

One teacher told me to be like a field of tall grass. Whatever conflict is going to hit you, let it hit you like the wind hitting the grass. It goes through you like how it whistles through the grass, bending it backwards and then the grass comes back up. 

So be the tall grass. It’s like your energy. 

It’s not the time to go outside and stand barefoot on the earth or even lay down. It’s raining today. But otherwise that’s always a good plan. I have laid in a field in the rain before when caught out in it.

But I got his energy open, cleared and moving so that he could process whatever kind of illness is inside of him at the moment. 

Whenever you’re stuck, stressed, you’ve got too much on, are feeling overwhelmed or just under way too much pressure, just stop for a moment. 

Breathe, drink some water and look at your energy. 

If you have some palo santo you can literally spin your energy. Your energy should spin clockwise like face of a clock so 12 at the top,  3 on your left, 6 below and 9 on your right. Spin it around and around.

Even without Palo Santo you can just spin your energy with your hand and pull it out just to rev it up. Spin your different chakras, so that you can feel uplifted, in balance and flow because it will help you get through whatever is going on for you in your day. 

Also taking that moment to be present with yourself is a really good time to set intentions and to focus on what it is that you want to create. 

Whether it’s your health or smooth flow, take a moment for yourself to consider what your energy is doing so you can help it work for you.

If you want to learn how to do this, I’d love for you to join From Fear Into Love, which is my 12 week online course. 

It’s starting April 9th. You don’t just learn about how your neural pathways form in your brain and why we get stuck in habitual behavioural thoughts and patterns. And how to change those!

You also learn about your energy, how it flows and how to clear it, how to open it, how to unblock it, how to clear your ancestral line, how to clear your foetal memories. 

Oh, the list goes on. It’s so exciting and so much really cool stuff that can actually set you on a new momentum forward in your life. 

Book a FREE call with me and let’s have that chat.

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