Believe In Your Heart and Soul That You are Capable of Great Things!

I encourage you to believe in your heart and soul that you are capable of great things in your life because we are the only ones who limit our potential and usually it starts in our minds. 

If we don’t believe that we’re capable of great things, then we don’t take action to make great things happen. 

The way that we make great things happen is by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. 

This past weekend, I was invited to go to Bradford to a sing along. I haven’t sung in many, many years, but I went to this event. It was a choir practice. About 40 people from the actual choir were there and about 40 of us who came along to sing for the afternoon and it was full on, with a major, four part complicated score. 

I don’t really read sheet music, I can kind of follow along on a very basic score but for this, I was way over my head. 

I thought, “okay, wow, I’m just going to do whatever I can,” when I heard a woman singing full voice behind me. Obviously somebody in the choir, so I went and sat next to her. She very kindly took her pencil and marked my score as to where I needed to come in. 

Most of the time I was really out of my depth and completely lost. But as a soprano, it was nice to know I could still hit the high notes! It was kind of fun, and really challenging, but also inspiring because if I had known what I was in for, I probably wouldn’t have gone. I would have thought, “no, no, I can’t do that!” 

Also, it was all in Latin. So I don’t know about you but I’m not really up on my Latin. 

I mouthed along mumbling notes, doing what I could in a very limited amount of time we had to practice, but it was fun. I had the giggles most of the way through. 

Talking to my friend too, we both agreed it was really challenging. But then she said, “Well, there are other sing alongs that aren’t quite as challenging as this one? Maybe we’d like to go to another?” and I said, “yeah, that would be a really good thing to do.” 

At the moment, I am too time pressed to actually commit to a weekly thing, but to go to a sing along every month or two would be a really fun thing to do. 

You meet new people. You don’t know what’s going to come, you learn some new things. I sure learned a whole lot about reading a musical score and following along, so that was exciting. 

But what felt really good was that I could be in a situation so far above my skill set and ability and simply have fun with it instead of getting really stressed. 

How would that be if we just applied that mindset in everyday life to the things that stress us out the most? 

How would it be to just sit in it and chill and do what you can do because we’re only human? 

Why do we put so much stress into our lives?  That’s a choice! We don’t really need to do that. We do what we can do. We do it to the best of our ability. 

So that was a really good learning point for me, and I thought it was fun because I got to sing and be with really talented people. I met some nice new people and then of course we went out and had dinner and celebrated because we got through the whole day unscathed. 

It’s actually that simple. Dream big because you’re probably capable of much more than you’re giving yourself credit for what your potential could be. 

And then take action to step outside of your comfort zone, to push yourself, to challenge yourself. 

There might be some limitations, but if you don’t push yourself and challenge yourself free from all of the stress, but challenge yourself with good humour instead, see what you’re capable of! Then it will shift all of the energy around you and things will start to move again. 

Every day choose something to have joy about and something to celebrate and challenge yourself with, to put yourself out of your comfort zone in a place of joy and good humour. 

So that’s my message for you today. If you’d like to push yourself outside of your comfort zone my 12 week online course From Fear Into Love is starting soon. 

Please book a mind shift call. These are free. This is a chance for you to have an ‘aha’ moment and get a whole new perspective on life. 

You might realise something that you didn’t even know you needed to realise! It costs you nothing and I want to meet you if you’re following me or you’re in any of my groups. And if we haven’t had a face to face chat yet, let’s do that now. What are you waiting for? 

Let’s have a conversation. And maybe this is exactly the right fit for you. It’s life changing stuff. The people who come onto From Fear Into Love, don’t even realise all of the subconscious stuff that they’re holding themselves back with, because they’ve just been going through life, carrying all of this stuff with them. 

The stuff that causes stress that is out of our conscious awareness.

So maybe you want to find out about some of your limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back? 

And then of course if you’re an advanced healer or certainly one of my alumni, then Unstoppable You is also starting soon. And if you think that’s more along your lines, when you know that there are specific things you need to change, then direct message me and let’s have that chat. I really look forward to speaking to all of you.

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