Change Your Perspective – Turn lack Into An Opportunity for Growth

Sometimes I like to change the area where I work just because it feels better working in my living space instead of my office. It gives me a different perspective and changes the energy around things.

Many people think about what’s missing from their life as though it’s lacking. 

Because humans are so good at judging our emotions and  feelings, we think it’s bad, sad or negative because “it” isn’t there.

My mentor talks about the gaps in your life. Think about your ideal life, your ideal vision, not the ultimate future, “I’m going to be a millionaire” vision, but the one that’s relatively soon. 

How is that compared to what your life is now? Look at what is missing simply as a gap, but not to focus on lack. 

How would it be if you looked at that gap as an opportunity to get resourceful and to change your thinking about it so that you could start to call in what you want to fill that missing link? 

How would you begin to manifest the joy and the vision that you see in front of you? 

You do have a vision, right? You need to have the vision! Not only the vision, but you need to feel it, taste it, smell it, see it, and be the vision. 

So when my mentor was busy, busy, busy with her business, business, business, when she went within she realised that what she really wanted was to find a husband.

She did not pine for a man and wish she had one and felt like she was lacking a relationship. Instead, she started to put her energy forward and think about what kind of a man she would want and what was she currently doing in her life that was quietly sabotaging her finding him.

She took action on that too. She went to conferences with like minded people, put herself out there in the world, so that she could attract her most compatible soulmate, her growth oriented partner.

And she did. She got married. And guess what happened? After that, her business took off, because all of our slices of life’s pie are related to each other. 

If there’s a gap, especially if it’s a repeating gap in your life, that’s something that you need to look at because this is the perfect time for you to change your thinking about that.

Not lack thinking “oh, I don’t have this. It’s missing… poor me, poor me.” But get resourceful inside of yourself. Start to think out of the box. Start to think of different ways that you could fill that gap.

Talk to your friends and family about it so that you can get focused and be very clear about the vision that you have. 

This year, I started thinking about what gaps are there in my life? It occurred to me that I felt like all my ‘magic powers’ had disappeared. In my life the strangest, most wonderful, magical things used to happen all the time. 

But since I took my business online five and a half years ago, I have been joined at the hip with my laptop working, working, mainstream online, and also the pandemic, the world changing and all the rest of it. 

I wondered what happened to all of those magical things? They generally don’t happen anymore. 

This is a part of myself that is one of the most important parts to me and I didn’t know when this went away? 

Sometimes we don’t even realise our gaps because they’ve just slowly withered away or they’ve been drip fed out of us, because of circumstances. 

I realised I needed to start calling back in my magic powers. I went within and started talking to universal source energy and calling in my magic powers in every way possible. 

Thinking about all of the wonderful, weird things that used to happen. Feeling the thrill and excitement and giddiness that came with them. And guess what? 

The Universe immediately responded. 

It’s a really good idea to do the ‘calling in’ out loud with your voice because it is a vibration. A vibration goes out into the universe. 

We’re all connected in that interwoven grid. Believe it if you will, or not, but energy is energy and we’re all connected. 

The shamans in Peru pray out loud. You don’t have to scream it from the rooftops but at least speak your desires out into the universe out loud and ask for what it is that you want to receive.

And then you’ve got to be open to allow that to come to you. That doesn’t mean just sitting on the couch and waiting for a pot of gold to drop in your lap, or for weird magical experiences to happen. 

You have to take action and do your part to make that happen. But when you do, you shift your energy. 

As soon as you shift your energy around how you think about things, everything starts to change around you. 

Part of receiving is being open to notice all of the symbols, signs and the interesting little messages from the universe that are happening for all of us every day if we pay attention. 

So look at where your gap is. And instead of being sad and feeling like it’s lacking and being frustrated and struggling, just step back for a moment and imagine how it would be if you could fill that gap with more generative and resourceful thinking. 

Call in (out loud) from the universe what is already there waiting for you once you tap into it. See how you could change that missing link in your life so that it could start to affect all the other areas of your life. 

Something to think about. So if that kind of magic intrigues you, the next run of From Fear Into Love my 12 week online course starts November 7th, which is a Tuesday. 

This is for everybody who has no idea of all the stuff that you actually need to change! You know SOMEthing has to change because you’re tired of constantly being triggered, annoyed, sad, exhausted, unhealthy, defensive, blaming others, hating your parents, poor, generally frustrated or feeling empty…the list goes on.

People in week one are like, “What?! I can’t believe this! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before!” Because it’s pretty mind blowing, although also very practical too and makes a whole lot of sense. And of course it’s life changing stuff. 

And then I’m offering my mastery level course called Unstoppable You – Unpicking Your Hidden Stories. And that’s for you if you’re an advanced healer or practitioner or indeed have worked with me before or have been through From Fear Into Love already and know that there is a gap in your life. And you want to find out what is that one thing that is holding everything else. And, how does it manifest in your life, and what’s your behaviour around it, as well as the strengths of that pattern that could be creating a blind spot!

We’re going to explore that over the next year and I’m super excited about it because I’ve been doing this mastery level work all year and I’m having major shifts in consciousness.

I’m excited to help you realise your fullest, most authentic potential too. 

Book a mind shift call, it doesn’t cost you anything and I’m not here to sell you on anything. 

I want to talk to you and see where you’re at and give you another perspective. 

Because the way that we evolve is by sharing our stories with each other, sharing our wisdom with each other. 

So let’s have a conversation. Let me meet you. If you’re following me, if you’re in my groups and you’ve never had a conversation with me, wouldn’t now be a really good time? 

I’d really love to meet you and have a conversation and see where you’re at. And if we are a good fit to work together, well there’s so many different ways that we can do that.

Book a complimentary mind shift call.

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