Your Biggest Shame Is Your Biggest Gift

The biggest shame that you may be holding, even if you’re in denial about it is also your biggest gift. 

How? I’ve always said that a little bit of awareness goes a long way. 

When we really start to look inside ourselves and see what kind of choices, decisions, and actions we’re making, and what kind of behaviours we’re living out as a result of the shame based meanings that we’ve made from our interpretation and perception of circumstances when we were children, we create a self fulfilling cycle of that being our truth or reality, when it’s not. 

We can have a big reframe around that. We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. But a lot of people don’t understand their shame or maybe they’ve never even tapped into it or are very good at suppressing it or blaming it on somebody else. 

It’s not cool to blame others when it has nothing to do with anybody else, even if it stems from somebody else. Even if the trigger was one of your parents. It’s not their fault. 

It was our perception, because we didn’t have all of the answers.

So when you start to understand your core, underlying reasons, that hold all of the patterns and behavioural beliefs, actions and choices that you’ve taken your whole life as your “reality,” even before things change, before you do any work to change it, the energy around it has already shifted.

When you have the awareness of where that’s come from, you go into another whole self viewing process and you start to get more in touch with your inner self and your feelings and understanding why you think the way you do. 

Why you feel ‘less than’ when somebody says or does something. Why you feel angry when somebody does or says something. Why you feel defensive, frustrated, you name it –  just having that understanding of why, and the awareness of where that feeling or behaviour comes from, changes your relationship to it immediately. 

This is the fundamental work we do in my signature course From Fear Into Love, the 12 week online programme, if you’re just starting out on your spiritual path of self discovery. 

The Unstoppable You – Unpicking Your Hidden Stories programme, we dive very deeply into the 21 core patterns that my mentor, Dr. Claire Zammit has studied and researched for years and years with her clients. 

It marries very well with the work I do in From Fear Into Love. We look at the deeper underlying principles of some of the remaining beliefs or patterns that we still have that may be holding us back in life in less obvious ways because we’re not realising our full potential. 

We look at the mechanics of them and how they show up in our lives.

We know there’s something more for us. Secretly we think we can get there yet there’s something that’s holding us back and it’s

invisible to us because we can’t see past the “reality” in our mind that we’ve created based on our old story when we’re stuck in a pattern. You see how that works? It’s so fascinating. 

I haven’t been this excited about any work I’ve learned since a) learning shamanic energy medicine, how your energy flows through your body, and how to balance it and change it. 

And b) learning Theta Healing how our neural pathways hold our subconscious behavioural patterns, and how to reprogram them. Wow!

The shamanic energy medicine married so beautifully with Theta healing belief work, and now this transformation matrix takes it to the next level. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to be offering these courses. 

I’m motivated by helping people shift by having deeper, pin pointed self awareness of where and how they’re stuck and how to change the energy around it so people can move forward with clarity.

I’m fascinated by the human condition and I want to help people have that self awareness so that you have the tools for self empowerment, and can break through your hidden stories, the invisible barriers, and express authentically who you actually are, while feeling safe and received in that process.

Understanding why and how you tick changes your life and empowers you at the deepest level. 

Please book a free mind shift call and let’s have that conversation. I’m taking enrollments now both for From Fear Into Love if you’re just starting out, and for Unstoppable You if you’re advanced on your spiritual evolution path and you’ve done a lot of personal work I’d really love to hear from you. 

Leave your shame in the past and transform it into your greatest gift moving forward into your best future.

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