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This pandemic has forced everyone into some kind of form of compromise. My compromise was that I did not move to Portugal as planned. Because all of the wonderful, perfect reasons for moving there changed, so I moved back to the town where I raised my kids and spent the first month staring out the window wondering how I got there.

I’ve adapted to that because I choose to put my focus on what works for me. But what really has surfaced is this point of compromise. Life is about all of the relationships we have with ourselves, our gods, our partners, colleagues, friends, as well as our creatures and with our material possessions, even our furniture.

Usually when you ask people what makes a good relationship, a lot of people say, “oh, compromise, compromise.”

Except that when you’re compromising you’re actually repressing a part of yourself. And when you’re repressing a part of yourself, you’re not living your full truth.

We all know what it feels like to feel compromised and it’s not a good feeling. And so we don’t want to do anything from a half place.

Think about when you’re craving chocolate for example, nothing else will do – you need that piece of chocolate. And then if you don’t have chocolate you end up eating everything else in your kitchen to try to fulfil that chocolate craving, and then you’re just full and annoyed because you didn’t have the chocolate.  So you compromised and you’re not satisfied.

It’s one thing to meet someone halfway. When you have different opinions and meet someone where they’re at to find a harmonic solution to that difference of opinion so that you can move forward.

But compromising, I don’t really think is good for us. Especially in relationship, you have two brains, two hearts, four arms, four legs coming together.

Certainly, if you can’t figure it out yourself, you must be able to put your minds and your hearts together to find a win-win solution, not a compromised solution. It’s going to be that repressed part of yourself that makes you feel unsatisfied because it’s not a win-win.

I got triggered by thinking about the deeper energetic outcome of compromising and about past relationships where I compromised myself totally and how awful that felt. When you’re compromising one person’s getting their way sometimes and not other times and then the other person’s getting their way sometimes and not other times. It’s not ever really satisfying because you can’t come to a point where you’re both getting your way in a different way than you could imagine on your own. One that could be enjoyable and wonderful for both of you to break through and find a new solution that works brilliantly for each of you.

Because when you compromise yourself, that repressed part of yourself then becomes a shadow part that you secretly start to resent and it puts you into a state of confusion. You’re thinking, “Okay, well this is the Win-Win outcome, except it’s not.”

Think about your material set-up in your house. Say you’ve got your furniture a certain way but things aren’t quite flowing. We want a life of flow. And when you’re compromising, you’re not in a place of flow, you’re not allowing your whole light potential to shine through.There’s part of you that you’re having to cut down.

In your house if something’s annoying you or you haven’t done something quite right, and you do something to sort of fix it, but you’re not getting to the root of the problem to fix it properly – you’re compromised. This little thing might be really annoying to you all the time, whether it’s a door that’s opening the wrong way, or something that’s in the wrong place. It isn’t satisfying, and we scoot around it choosing to live in a compromised situation day after day. And it chips way at us.

It can be that way from furniture to chocolate, or your profession to your relationship. If one partner wants to go out with friends and the other person wants to stay home and wants you to be at home with them. Well then, who’s going to win? What’s the compromise going to be? Is that going to be satisfying for either party? No. So you’ve got to come up with a new inventive way to move forward together.

When people compromise they often want something, either power, security or approval from someone. Find a way that both parties can feel satisfied.

How is compromising repressing you in your life right now? How is repressing part of yourself, showing up in your career, in your living situation, or in your relationship? What are you giving up and secretly resenting? How are you not living your whole truth?

You may be thinking relationships are about compromise. I used to think that too.  Give and take, yes, repressing part of yourself? No!

I’d like to reframe that for you and encourage you to think differently about finding harmony in completely new solutions so that you’re not in this state of confusion, because sometimes compromise is going to keep you stuck from moving in any direction. Then you feel confused and unsatisfied.

During this time of pandemic most people in the world are having to compromise in one way shape or form. People are not feeling good. People are getting depressed and fearful.

Relationships are either getting stronger because they’re thrown together and they’re working it out really well, or they’re falling apart because people don’t know how to move forward and find a mutually satisfying way to be together or find the harmonic solution.

What do you think about this idea about not compromising? What is this triggering for you? Ask yourself, in what ways are you compromising right now? How does it make you feel, and how can you expand your appreciation ability because we like to focus on all the good things?

I know I’m asking you to think about compromise which doesn’t feel good but just tune in and go within and and see how you can change this confused part of yourself or this repressed part of yourself so that you can come up with a better solution.

And if you can’t come up with it yourself, call your best friend or hang out with your partner and brainstorm for a more harmonic solution. Pandemic causes all sorts of other ways that we have to compromise. So, have a conversation with your nearest and dearest, brainstorm, and think about how you can move through this compromise so that you’re not feeling repressed and only doing things halfway.

So you can bring your full self, all of your light potential, all of your love energy and feel aligned all the time in whatever you’re doing. We want to be fully aligned, fully light and bright, filled with love and holding space for that potential for everyone.

How is compromise showing up in your life? What do you do with that compromise? Are you focusing only on the repressed parts and feeling really negative about it? Let’s change the mindset and focus on the good parts.

I invite you to really tune in and pay attention to what’s going on for you internally at the deeper level, because I’d like to help you all learn how to get out of this place of having to repress your light.

Why dim our light when we can shine our brightest light all the time in everything that we do and with the people that we choose to live?  Because it’s easier? But is it easier if it’s chipping away at the fullness of who you are?

When you compromise you are only compromising yourself.

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