We ARE NOT Our Stories

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There’s a lot of energy spent on distrust going around right now because of big gaps in people’s opinions.  There’s a lot of two sides of the fence kind of thing which divides people.

But if you’re working from a place within your conscious Sacred Heart, you’re always connected to that love energy source. Then, you’ll be in alignment with humanity at large, and not divided.

So trust doesn’t need to be an issue. People are carrying the weight of holding on to their old stories, and not letting go of their old battles.

And so we have this need to follow through and finish what we’ve started. All of us have a life story. The story that we tell becomes the story that defines us as we tell our same story over and over again.

However, every time we tell our story, we’re keeping ourselves in the energy of that story. We think that we’re ready to take on whatever comes at us in our lives, except that we’ve been defending our position, our viewpoint, our stance, our story, for so long that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to not be defending our viewpoint.

When you totally walk out of fear and into love, the battle’s already been won – through your effort, your practice, through your defiance of your past, and deciding for yourself how you can control your thoughts, words and actions.

How deciding for yourself, you can make choices and that every moment of every day you’re making a choice. When you start to take responsibility for yourself, that’s not keeping yourself locked into your old story, that’s moving forward. By trusting yourself, being open and trusting that humanity will be open to you as well.

Because when we’re holding on to our old story or an old stance or viewpoint or the energy of some old wounding or trauma, we’re holding on to a battle that’s already over. It’s already in the past.

So you’re keeping yourself stuck in that old energy, and you’re still on this old battleground waiting for the ghosts to come out of the past and attack you again.

All of the times that we say, “oh I’m so tired, I’m so exhausted, I need a break, I really need to escape” all we’re really doing is escaping our attachment to the uncomfortable past energy, those pixelated shadow parts that we haven’t quite healed yet, that are vibrating in us and making us feel antsy, not aligned, not connected and not good enough.

We’re escaping from our past, but then we have to come back here to our current reality and what happens is that, from whatever your escape is – whether it’s getting pissed with friends or going off on holiday and coming back or even if it’s just going out for the night – you come back to your reality right to where you left off, because your reality doesn’t stop when you go away!

However you want to escape, your reality stays the same and so you come back with this sense of unfinished business and you step right back into that kind of uncomfortable space of not fully being healed yet.

Then that puts you into a position of always needing everything to be hyper safe. You know, in case this should happen again. So we’re carrying around all of this energy from the traumas of our past.

So our guard ends up staying up all of the time, the defensiveness that we’ve all got going on at this low level. We think that one last stand is required to heal the wounds of the past.

We’ve got this internal battle going on within ourselves too. Some kind of trauma happened when you were a young child. Weight is a really good example. If you’ve had a weight problem your whole life or you were bullied for it or one of your parents was on your case, that’s going to be a core wounding deep in your cellular structure.

Your whole life you’re on diets and yo-yo weight loss and special foods and you’re always going to feel like, “If I just take one last try… Well this time I’m really going to do it.”

How many times have we all said that around whatever the thing is that we’re having the biggest resistance to, or the story that’s keeping us locked in its grip. You’ve heard yourself saying, “this time it’s going to be different.”

We’ve all said it, relating to anything, it could be our finances too, “oh I’ll just try one more business, I’ll just try one more investment,” or people with addictions, “I’ll just play the lottery one more time…” or gamble or whatever it is, and this is because of our core wounding.

The unhealed parts of ourselves that are vibrating at that level of, “come on we can we can fix it, we can fix it” – except that deep down, we’re not believing that because this is how we’re attached to our defence mode.

I know it’s kind of a subtle thing, but if you really look at how that plays out in your life, you’ll see that this is a really fine point to understand. Because basically, when that’s happening we’re being motivated by residual fear.

We’re being motivated by old fear that happened in the past. Yes, life experience plays a part in all of our situations. However, if we were going to let every single trauma dampen our free spirit, constrict our sacred heart space and close us down, we wouldn’t be communicating with anybody!

We need to dust ourselves off, have a wiser point of view and then put ourselves out there again, with an open heart, with hopefulness, willing, openness and acceptance so that our vibration can be one of happiness and receptivity, instead of one of fear and blocking ourselves.

Because remember these pixelated pieces in us, they’re sharp! They make us pay attention when we’re triggered. We have the scars of our trauma, the emotional scars (hopefully they’re just emotional and not physical) but we have the scars of our trauma from our youth.

Then in our adult life, we see a friend or colleague at work, making the same mistake that maybe our father made. And so you get triggered and you get all upset again, even though this friend doesn’t even know your father.

And even though that trauma happened 30 years ago, you end up defending your point of “rationale,” and then you’re holding your friend accountable for the sins of your father and for your wounding from 30 years ago, because you react to the core wounding.

So this is how it happens. We’re projecting our stuff onto people all the time when we’re not trusting them, when we’re not being open and allowing people, and their potential, to shine their brightest light and holding that space and giving people the benefit of the doubt.

I give people the benefit of the doubt all the time and yes I’ve been hurt, because you can’t trust everybody, but I’d rather go through life believing in the people that I attract and that I can trust them instead of just being cynical just because a few people along the line haven’t been trustworthy. And that’s a choice too. So what do you want to believe? What do you want to feel inside? I focus on and believe the things that make me feel better.

When you’re not allowing yourself to be open and trust others, you’re wrestling with that internal peace and love that you desire. But you don’t even know what that feels like so you’re not really sure.

And this is why it’s so scary to open fully and allow your Sacred Heart to expand… allow your psychic senses to evolve, allow your rainbow bridge to connect to your god, your source, your universe. Allow yourself to be part of the connection of everything – part of that grid of the world so that we can breathe a bit more easier and trust our fellow humans.

So ask yourself this: Have any of your stories become excuses?

It’s a really good question to ask yourself. I can think of some of my own stories that I’ve used as great excuses.  Using my kids as a reason to stay trapped somewhere because I didn’t want to be away from my kids even though they are big hairy men, but nevertheless, the choices might not always be easy, but our stories are the things that trap us, that make us question things, that make us half live, that keep us stuck because we’re not allowing ourselves the freedom to make a difficult choice.

We’re just sticking to our defence mechanism.  Think about your story and ask yourself: What one last thing do you think you have to accomplish before you can totally relax and release?

We put all of these time markers on what we think we have to do,“when I’m earning this much money, when we move here, when this person graduates…” except that’s trying to control divine timing, and we’re not going to do that.

There’s never a good time for a major life event, because a major life event good or bad is going to upset the applecart and it’s going to pull the rug out from under your feet, even if it’s a fabulous life event. Having a baby, moving to a new town, all good stuff but high stress level and so you’ve got to think about what you’re holding yourself back with.

I’d really love to continue this conversation with you and see how I can help you break out of all of these patterns that aren’t serving you anymore.

One by one we can bring the world back into a place of trust and openness.

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