Feeding the Ducks

I came out to feed the ducks today, but not a duck to be found! I don’t know where they’ve all gone. Maybe they’re having an afternoon siesta. I was very pleased that I gave myself permission to come out and feed the ducks, when normally I would push through, even if I wasn’t feeling […]

What Kind Of Energy Have Your Ancestors Passed Down To You?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that we could be holding up to seven generations of cellular memory.  If any of your ancestors, your grandfathers, great grandfathers,  were in a prisoner of war camp, their suffering could skip a generation and then zip into the grandchildren.  Because even though they were suffering, they […]

Birth “Trauma” Starts In Utero and Lasts Until Two Years Old.

If you really think about it, birth in itself, even if there was no “trauma,” is a traumatic process.  It’s an intensely physical dance between the mother and the baby. That poor baby has to push through about 10 centimetres, measure it…not that big! I know baby’s heads are small, but if you’ve given birth, […]

Was Your Birth Traumatic?

Our birth story creates a blueprint for which our further psychological development takes place.  So if we have an easy, no stress birth, we might have an easier life and be less anxious.  But what if you had birth trauma when you were born?  You may be wondering what is birth trauma?  Serious physical birth trauma can […]

Laugh Yourself Better

Healing comes in many forms. Just like there are so many different mediums to choose as an artist, the same array of possibilities exists with choosing the best way (for you) to heal. Energetically in order to move forward you must be in alignment.  When we are sick, upset, doubtful, depressed, or angry we are […]

Shock and Trauma

Shock and trauma can come into us in a variety of ways. The most obvious is if you hurt yourself; you’ll go into some level of shock or if you witness a horrendous accident you’ll take in shock &/or trauma. It’s a protection mechanism that we humans have to keep ourselves safe from either bleeding […]

Go Play In The Traffic!

Outrageously my father used to tell my sister and me this on a regular basis! But, as we lived on a dead end street with a huge green park across from us, we always knew he was just being funny. But it occurs to me now that he was constantly “playing in the traffic,” commuting […]

Does The Dark Night of The Soul Have You In Its Grip?

Many people have experienced what is known in my area of work as Dark Night of the Soul. This is technically when your guardian angels take a hike to create space for new guides to come forward. Dark Night of the Soul is not fun.  I first experienced this when I was 37 and felt […]

It’s All About Our Vibe, Man!

It’s about our vibration. We think that we’re out there creating and manifesting and doing all of the spiritual work, we’re calling in all of the affirmations that we say, everything that we’re thinking and focusing on and we’re working so hard to make everything happen our way. But really at the end of the […]

Surrender Your Resistance

I’ve always really disliked the words, surrendering and sacrifice because they sound so negative, as if I’m giving up my power or I’m going to become weak by surrendering. But surrendering your resistance looks like this; I believe I walk my walk, and talk my talk so if my faith is truly what it is; that I believe everything […]

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